What Friends Need to Go?

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Life is a series of comings and goings. People enter our lives. People leave our lives.

Friends never seem immune from this basic law of life. My closest blogging buddies bonded with me in 1990 when we were high school sophomores. 30 years later, we still keep in touch and meet up once or more yearly, even with my insanely busy travel schedule.

But during 30 years of friendship with my closest buddies, I have befriended and let go more than a few folks. Some friends became genuine negative influences. Other friends seemed friendly enough but my growth and expanded awareness shined a serious spotlight on their angry, combative, teasing nature. Some friends turned south immediately. This latter crowd made my decision easy.

Why Let Go?

Friends who need to go simply pull you down until you cease contacting them. Negative people drag down everybody around them. Do you want to drown on a karmic sinking ship? I don't think so.

Release these former friends before you crash and burn, too. Never deem this release as being personal. Simply see yourself growing out of one friendship to make new friends resonant with the modern day you.

New, resonant friends inspire you, uplift you and help you during tough times. Friends who vibe with you accelerate your growth quickly through their positive influence.

Non-Resonance Feels Strong

Over a decade ago, I vibed low. Fear dominated my mind. I worked a security guard job because I feared stepping out into the world and using my college degree to further my career growth. Other than my positive childhood buddies, I seemed to befriend negative, dour, downtrodden people.

I became more positive toward the end of my pier guard days. Diving into personal development, I slowly began to renew my mind. I even began trading stocks and forex online to increase my cash flow.

I immediately felt non-resonance with any negative, dark friends in my life. Other than my 3 high school buddies, and 2 close friends I met after high school, I did a purge of anybody else I had connected with during my darker days because life seemed sweeter to me while they believed life seemed like a same crap, different day, scenario.

Cease Contact

Stop communicating with non-resonant friends who need to go. Never reach out to them again. Do not respond to their messages or calls. Nobody ever owes anyone an explanation because we are all adults. Any person with even a smidgeon of self-awareness knows any time two buddies grow apart.

Less advanced, fear-filled former friends may complain about your clean break. Some may even criticize you. Ignore their fear and move on from their pain. Former friends lashing out has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.

You know what feels good? Letting go old, worn out friendships to make room for new, fun, exciting bonds beneficial to both parties. But letting go is the first step toward growth. So you better figure out what friends need to go.

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