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The Secret That Landed Me at the Top of Google

I noticed recently that a number of my posts have hit the top spot on Google. I'm also ranked #1 whenever someone searches for an executive or business coach in my area. So what's the secret to ranking high in search results?

Ranking #1 on Google
Second example of ranking high on search engines

The Secret to Hitting #1 on Google

There are some technical details which I'll share in a minute, but my main secret for ranking high in search results is simple. Keep providing lots of value for others for a long time on your website. It's like pushing a ball uphill. It's tough to push a ball uphill until you reach the top, and then it gets way easier.

It's hard to push the ball until you reach the top of the hill

I've written several hundred articles over the years, and many of them have gone viral. There are some technical tricks to that below, but the biggest secret to ranking high on search engines or going viral is to keep writing and providing information that people want to read.

Speed & Formatting

Randomly creating posts without paying attention to a few technical details won't get you to the top on Google. Here are a few other tweaks I've done to get there.

1. Use a Fast Provider & Theme

I use the middle of the road package from Siteground to host my blog. With a dedicated IP, Cloudflare, and a premium theme from Thrive Themes, it makes the site quick which is critical for improving your search rank.

Speed is critical for ranking high in search results
Select a Fast Provider to Rank in Search Results

Be sure to check your site speed with Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix as well once you're on a decent host. Speed is a major factor in your page rank as no one wants to wait around on a slow website.

2. Use Headers and Alt Tags

You should use properly formed headers (H2, H3, H4) and numbered lists. Also, be sure to add alt and title tags to any pictures you add. Those not only help with your rank on Google or Bing, but they also make it easier for people to read your articles.

Using proper headers for SEO will help your site rank higher in search results.

3. Focus on the User Experience

Overall it's the content and user experience that mainly seems to matter in 2020. If your users are bouncing off your website right away because there are ads and popups in their face or the information isn't worth their time, you're not going to get ranked very high. Make sure your site looks professional as well, and throw in some pictures to break up your text.

4. Use Search Optimization Tools

Use the tools provided by the various search engines to ensure your site is set up properly. Here are a few of the major ones you should be familiar with.

Provide Value to Earn Your Top Spot on Google

Providing value to your readers over the long haul is ultimately the best way I've found to hit the top. The search engines want to know your site is going to be around for a while, and they also need to know your users like what you're saying.

It's the same with business. If you want to be successful in business, help others. Provide a high-quality product or service that they're happy to buy. Do that for long enough, and you may find that instead of not having enough business, you suddenly have too much as the ball starts rolling downhill. Then we can talk about how to solve that problem.


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