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How to Get Ranked High in Google’s Search Results


Want to get ranked high in Google's search results? I'm not an SEO expert, but I noticed recently that many of my posts have hit the top spot on Google. I'm also ranked in the top spot whenever someone searches for an executive or business coach in my area. So what's my secret to ranking high in search results?

Example of ranking high in Google search engines - business coach query
Query that ranked in first place on Google for this website
Ranking #1 on Google

The Secret to Getting Ranked High in Google's Search Results

There are some technical details that I'll share in a minute, but my main secret for ranking high in search results is simple. Answer your target audience's queries.

If people quickly get what they are searching for when they click on your link, that tells the search engine to keep sending people your way.

Answer your user's query when they go to your website to rank high in search results - photo of a search result for business coaching.
People should find what they are looking for when they search

Speed & Formatting

Randomly creating posts without paying attention to a few technical details won't get you to the top on Google. Here are a few additional tweaks I've done to get there.

1. Use a Fast Provider & Theme

No one wants to wait around on a slow website. I use the middle-of-the-road package from SiteGround to host my blog. With a dedicated IP, CloudFlare, and a premium theme from Thrive Themes, it makes the site quick which is critical for improving your search rank.

Select a fast provider like SiteGround to rank in search results

To ensure your visitors see your page right away when they click on it, check your site speed with Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix as well once you're on a decent host. Speed is a major factor in your page rank as no one wants to wait around on a slow website.

You will want to enlist the help of a developer as well since a few additional seconds can lead to a huge number of visitors leaving before your site even loads. I hired one off of Fiverr for this site and the speed improvements dramatically increased the conversion rate in our store as well as helped me climb up the ladder in Google's search results.

2. Use Headers and Alt Tags

You should use properly formed headers (H2, H3, H4) and numbered lists. In order for search engines and people using assistive technology to understand images, be sure to add alt and title tags to any pictures you add. Properly labeled images not only help with your rank on Google or Bing, but they also make it easier for people to read your articles and break up your copy.

Using proper headers for SEO will help your site rank higher in search results.

3. Focus on the User Experience

Excellent content and user experience are required to rank high in Google's search results in 2020. Think about searching from a user's perspective. If you search for something, click on it, and then get a bunch of ads in your face or the website takes forever to load, do you continue or do you close the site?

Do you get frustrated if you click on an article from the search results and it doesn't contain the information you're looking for? If your users are bouncing off your website right away, you're not going to get ranked very high with Google.

Make sure your website is fast, looks professional, and gets the users the information they are looking for quickly.

4. Use Search Optimization Tools

Use the tools provided by the various search engines to ensure your site is set up properly. Here are a few of the major ones you should be familiar with.

Provide Value to Earn Your Top Spot on Google

Providing value to your readers over the long haul is ultimately the best way I've found to hit the top because search engines want to know your site is going to be around for a while. They also need to know your users are getting the answers to their queries.

It's the same with business. If you want to be successful in business, help others. Provide a high-quality product or service that they're happy to buy. Do that long enough, and you'll find the ball gets much easier to roll once you get to the top.

How to Get Ranked High in Google\'s Search Results

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