Super-Sized Success Requires a Super-Sized Effort

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I am caring for a 140 pound Bernese Mountain Dog in NYC now. He just grabbed a 5 foot long stick and carried it for the entirety of the walk. Big boy. Forgive the pixel-like featured image; I had to share an action photo of this beast carrying the stick.

I even filmed a video of the funny event. See it below. Listening to my breathing, I am obviously putting in a super effort to keep a 140 pound dog on a short leash, to film the guy and to avoid tangling the leash with the branch. I also had to keep an eye out for passing dogs. He is friendly but sprints to other pooches, sometimes frightening owners and their doggies.

Darwin the Dog feels fun to watch but requires a super-sized effort. From cleaning up after him, to walking him, to keeping the apartment tidy, he takes up much more of my time versus the tiny toy dogs we have cared for during house sits.

Becoming super successful in any venture requires a similar, super-sized effort. Think not so much about working like a beast for 15 hour days for say, 3 months. People who do this burn out fast because fear-force drives them into exhaustion and failure. Think generously learning a skill, practicing, and rendering useful service for 5,000 to 10,000 hours and more.

Law of Sowing and Reaping

Consider the law of sowing and reaping. Highly successful people spent thousands upon thousands of hours generously helping people. Committing fully to your craft helps you stand out from the non-committed masses. Folks envy my globe-trotting lifestyle but I have not missed a work day in 5 years.

Give. Receive. Super successful people put in a super-sized, long term, incredibly impressive amount of work to become super successful.

Beware Hard Work Consciousness Level of Thinking

I scanned a video on YouTube a few hours ago. A well known travel vlogger noted working 16 hour days for months, doing almost nothing else, sleeping only 4 hours daily. He had slammed into feeling burned out once again, after suffering through similar sessions over prior months.

He experiences immense success and loves what he does but fell prey to a hard work consciousness based on working hard without giving any attention, energy and time to stabilizing your vibe through a daily energy management ritual.

Putting forth a super-sized effort is not about working 16 hour days and sleeping 4 hours a night just to get work done because doing so leads to burnout, drastically eating into long term success potential. Putting in a full commitment means having a rich, fulfilled life involving a significant daily self help ritual, loving your work and working for a nice chunk daily, getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night and enjoying other aspects of life outside of your work.

Visualize yourself working 10 hour days for 5 years straight, sleeping well, feeling awesome, and never burning out, versus slaving for 16 hour days with 4 hours of sleep each day, with no vision for the future.

Think long term versus short term to put in a genuine, super-sized commitment that leads to super-sized success.

Do you want to see the video of me walking this Hulking Hound? Here it is:

140 Pound Bernese Mountain Dog Walking with 5 Foot Long Stick

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