by Ryan Biddulph

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I literally only do a few things daily. Write blog posts. Write guest posts. Record a few videos. Network by generously helping other bloggers. I also promote a fair chunk of my 100 plus eBooks around the clock.

Doesn't this sound simple? I learned my lesson years ago. Trying to make things complex only adds work to your day and holds back your growth. Complex is difficult to understand. Complex demands more of your time, energy and work. Successful entrepreneurs know this; complex is the enemy of success.

Why do few people keep things simple?


Resisting Fear Creates Complexity

I wrote and self-published 100 plus eBooks because I felt calm, confident and relaxed during this time frame. I wrote and self-published over 90 during a 3 month time frame while I lived in Bali.

My day went like this; wake, meditate, care for the animals, write a 6000 word eBook, proof read it and submit to Amazon. I completed these tasks by 1 PM on most days. Keeping things simple allowed me to write powerful eBooks packed with practical tips for immediate use. Readers benefit from simple, short, concise eBooks.

But during my early blogging days I vibed mainly fear, poverty and scarcity. Fighting or resisting these heavy emotions – versus feeling fear and dissolving it – I made my day more complex. I added bloated work and stupid, pointless projects to my work day. Struggles ensued. I had to fail because I stepped away from success-promoting simple to create failure-promoting complex.

Hug Your Fears to Keep Things Simple

Why did I take the failing, complex route? I feared I was not good enough. I doubted myself. Overcompensating, I worked like a dog trying to create complex, in-depth content to *prove I was good enough.*

I vividly recall feeling disgusted at the success of multi-millionaires around me who published simple, basic content and shipped simple, basic, easy to understand stuff. What was my problem? The millionaire crowd obviously hugged their low self worth fears, dissolved these energies and created simple, easy to understand content from a “I am whole, complete and wonderful” type energy.

Eventually, I too faced, embraced, felt and released deep fears. What happened? I built my blogging business on simple concepts like creating and connecting. My courses, eBooks, audio books and paperbacks became simple, powerful guides for you to enjoy, digest and use immediately, for your instant blogging benefit.

I drove more traffic to my blog. I made more money. Simple wins. Simple breeds success. But feeling fear was the starting point for this simplifying, powerful journey.


Think of ways to simplify your business model. Consider adding more passive income streams to rely less on time sensitive streams depending on scheduling appointments with clients. Write and self publish eBooks. Make money around the clock.

Simplify your content. No reader needs the next War and Peace. Share practical, easy to understand tips in plain language to connect with your audience. Trash the 4000 word pillar style post. Aim for 500 to 1000 words tops.

Simplify to succeed.


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