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by Ryan Biddulph

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I spent the past 4 hours feeling 100% responsible for my blogging day.

I took on responsibility by following my energy management ritual, by writing posts and by writing guest posts.

Success seems to flow to me as I take on more leveraging responsibility weekly. Promoting my 100 plus eBooks, co-releasing a course, and publishing 10 or more posts daily between blog posts and guest posts challenges me. But experiencing increasing success makes the increased responsibility worth it.

Taking on less responsibility today makes sense because I had about 3 hours to complete my blogging work for the day before we enjoy dinner with friends. What did I decide to do? Spend my entire morning and afternoon working while eating a few light meals during my blogging duties.

Take on Greater Responsibility

Successful entrepreneurs take on increasing responsibility. Top professionals make their dreams come true by working intelligently, generously, patiently and persistently.

Do you want to succeed more than anything? Allow your passion for your business or job to consume most of your day. Take on more leveraging, success-promoting responsibility.

Choose Leveraging Responsibilities

Take on only responsibilities that leverage your time, presence and success. I agreed to co-release a blogging course two months ago for leveraging, service, traffic and profits potential. Seizing an opportunity to help more folks and prosper made sense to me.

I guest post on five or more blogs daily because guest posting leverages your online presence fast. Imagine writing for one, two or five audiences daily in addition to writing for your blog readership. Talk about leveraging potential.

Avoid increasing your workload if the task seems not like a presence, time or business grower. I would be foolish for taking on the increased responsibility of copying and pasting my blog link to 30 Facebook Groups daily. In addition to being banned on Facebook I would lose my reputation and waste precious leveraging potential.

Reach More People with Fewer Actions

Become successful by reaching more people with fewer actions. Imagine trying to post 10 times to your blog daily. Bad idea. Seize more leveraging potential by posting 1-2 times to your blog and 1-2 times on other blogs via guest posts.

Taking on greater responsibility does not mean working harder or longer. Hard work conscious types make that critical error. Accepting greater responsibility means spending much of your day doing things that generously help large, targeted audiences of people.

Think leveraging to maximize your responsibility factor. Versus cold pitching 100 bloggers today for a link placement, comment genuinely on 20 blogs, and promote those 20 bloggers on social media via Twitter and Facebook. Guaranteed, more of these appreciative bloggers begin hiring you, buying your stuff and visiting your blog, in addition to linking to your blog and lobbing guest post invites your way.

Leverage intelligently.

Take on greater responsibility to guarantee success in your venture of choice.

Responsibility is a genuine key to living a fun, freeing life.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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