Release Short Term Desires for Massive Long Term Growth

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The most difficult, agonizing entrepreneurial lesson I had to learn involved releasing short term desires for massive long term growth. I wanted to make enough to cover bills and boost my savings in quick, tidy fashion, through my blogging business.

Goodness did I quickly learn how business does not work that way. I tried squeezing profits through my blog versus building the foundation for massive long term success. After struggling horribly for years I finally figured out how monumental, lasting, substantial long term growth evolves from putting short term gains to the side to create something eye-popping over the long haul.

Entrepreneurs often try to squeeze $5 or $10 of profits daily through silly, sometimes spamming business practices, damaging their reputation and destroying their credibility. I regularly get pitched by business owners who demand I place their sponsored post for $5 when I charge $100 and up in most cases.

The only way to build a lasting, meaningful business that grows exponentially long term is to put short term desires to the side to build your venture the right way. 2, 4 or 5 years down the road, your long term success will astound you if you build your venture the right way.

Guest Posting for Friendships Not Links

Most bloggers guest post to build links versus building friendships with top bloggers. Rather than focus on increasing my link juice for a short term Google business boost, I guest post to befriend human beings for long haul business success.

My guest posting blogging buddies promote me, endorse me, buy my stuff, hire me, partner with me and grow my blogging business steadily. Lasting business success finds me because I patiently, persistently and generously guest posted the right way.

Think beyond today, tomorrow or even one year from now. Develop a vision for your business. Trade short term desires for long term, massive growth. All inspired ventures grow from the mind of entrepreneurs who think 5 or 10 years down the road versus trying to squeeze as much profits as possible out of today.

Of course I accept my daily business bread in terms of profits but I never sacrifice long term growth for a quick pay day today.

Release Expectations

Expectations defeat long term business growth because the sales you desperately crave now force you to do things that hamstring long term growth.

Imagine releasing a course today. You deeply desire big sales within 2 weeks of your launch. After spending 15 hours daily blitzing the course you feel crushed at seeing 5 course sales, well short of your lofty expectations. Meanwhile, I spent 12 hours daily promoting all of my premium products and services through genuine guest posting and publishing posts to my blog.

Guess who experiences massive long term business growth? Me of course because I stuck to the fundamentals and released expectations in favor of my vision for stupendous long term blogging growth.

Stop trying to make few bucks today. Make a huge difference in people's lives by creating a vision for scintillating long term business growth.

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