Personal Growth Tips: 5 Steps to Improving Your Life

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Do you feel a bit lost in life? Do you crave personal growth tips to feel better?

I spend today launching a new course and doing my normal guest posting, blogging and broadcasting bit. Blogging rocks. My life of travel feels pretty fun too. But I grew within to succeed in the outside world. I made personal growth a priority.

Life improves from the inside-out. Never believe hard, mindless work alone breeds success. Do you want to be free? Take these personal growth tips to heart.

1: Wake and Manage Your Energy

Manage your energy on waking. Expand your awareness after rolling out of bed. I do 20 minutes of Kriya yoga and meditate for 20 minutes on waking. Toss in 60 minutes of yin yoga and exercising for 90 minutes daily to complete my personal development routine daily.

Manage your energy early during the day to prep yourself for the remaining 14 to 16 waking hours. Life intervenes. Stabilize your energy through meditating, prayer, observation or via any strategy resonant with you.

2: Follow Your Passion

Genuinely great people follow their passion and advise you do the same to be happy, wealthy and healthy. Steve Jobs explained how most logical people quit their ventures because passion-less, rational thinking leads to struggle, failure and quitting. How can you grow if you lack passion for your gig?

Love your job or business. Fuel your journey with passion. Follow your fun to grow quickly in your niche of choice.

3: Surround Yourself with Successful People

Successful people teach you how to succeed and impart powerful personal growth tips. I hopped into a cold shower on waking after learning how both Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss use cryotherapy for healing and rejuvenating.

Do as the titans do. Surround yourself with successful people to accelerate your personal growth. Lose low energy folks. No need to carry energetic anchors during your day.

Happy, compassionate people who achieve success give you clues to mimic their success. I give away all of my secrets because we live in abundance. No shortage exists. Maintaining an abundant mindset helps me live a fun, freeing life of circling the globe. However, I had to prune low energy folks from my friend list to make room for high energy, successful entrepreneurs to join my friend network.

4: Nudge Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Personal growth accelerates exponentially the moment you sprint outside of your comfort zone. Additionally, you position yourself to earn more money and grow your business as you leap out of your comfort zone directly into deep fears. Seize opportunities. Make the most of the moment.

10 years ago I almost quit blogging one day after I bought my domain and hosting. What served as the culprit? I feared I wasted money I did not have in buying my blog domain name and hosting for my site. What did I know? I was an office worker who lost his security guard job earlier that year. Who was I to believe I could blog successfully?

10 years later, I grew into a guy who landed features on Fox News, Entrepreneur, Virgin and Richard Branson's Virgin blog. How? Why? I nudged out of my comfort zone to face my fears tens of thousands of times during the past decade of my life.

Do you want to grow like a weed in the jungle? Leave your comfort zone every hour of every day. Face your fears head on to observe how fast fear dies.

5: Take Care of Your Body

Include exercise in your daily regimen. Eat ample fruits and veggies. Hydrate effectively. How you feel in your body plays a chief role in how you feel about life. Additionally, feeling energized body-wise offers you a rosier, cheerier outlook on life.

Sleep for 8 to 10 hours daily to refresh your body and to renew your mind. But do not blindly follow the early riser rule without honoring your body and its favorite ways. I work effectively after waking between 8 AM and 10 AM. Most entrepreneurs rise earlier but early rising does not agree with me or my body.

Trust your gut. Above all, listen to that small, still voice that speaks the truth 100% of the time.


Personal growth is an intimately personal journey. What works for me may not work for you. But every human needs to follow some personal growth tips to find their flow, to hit their stride and to experience great fun and freedom in life.

Unless you grow up in a temple around monks you simply need to learn how to make personal development a priority in your life. Follow these tips to carve a straighter, narrower path toward your dream life.

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