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How to Win When the Odds Seem Stacked Against You

Last night I watched The Patrick School pull off an incredible victory.

This program has faced incredible obstacles since day #1 of the high school basketball season in New Jersey. 3 hours before their opening game in December, the state high school governing board suspended their three top players, two of which are future NBA players. Last night, *six* high major division one players had to sit due to injury and eligibility issues. This team began the season ranked #3 in the nation but since lost three games with so many big time players on the bench.

Last night's game looked tough. Pat's had only seven players suit up against a state powerhouse in St. Benedict's, a local juggernaut that has spawned multiple NBA players. What happened? Two of Pat's stars had incredible games, plus two bench players who rarely get any time stepped up to fill in admirably, and the team coasted to a 10 point win after being up by 26 points.


The Patrick School won with the odds stacked against them by sticking to these fundamentals.

Stoke Your Desire Fire

Pat's had 7 players suit up against a big, athletic, skilled, undefeated team. Guess what? Pat's intensity was so off of the charts that they overwhelmed their physically superior opponent. Defense was key but their two best players performed unlike any game this season.

Stoke your desire fire to overcome any obstacle. Nobody can defeat someone with an iron will. People who create a laser-like focus overcome any obstacles and win against all odds.

Step Up to the the Plate and Play Well

Admittedly, The Patrick School is SO loaded that even with six high major, big time, division one players on the bench, a prospective future NBA talent with guard skills at 6-11 still graces the court. He played like an All American and future League player last night, putting forth his best game of the year. Toss in a phenomenal game – along with two insanely athletic, game-changing dunks – by their sky-walking swing guard and you plainly saw that Pat's stepped up to the plate and played a smart, strategically sound, successful game, well.

Being intense and focused may not enough to beat the odds; putting forth a quality effort based on the fundamentals is key to being successful. The team played crisp, smart, quality basketball to blow out a worthy rival while fielding only seven players. Impressive.

Let Go the Past

Admittedly, The Patrick School has been humiliated twice on the national stage by two top 5 teams in the country. Injuries, sickness and eligibility issues killed this team's roster so both blowouts occurred because TPS has yet to field their full squad with an insane amount of talent.

Pat's hadn't played up to their full potential in virtually every game against high level opponents until last evening. These kids let go of the past and its heavy energetic baggage to put in a phenomenal, successful effort against a stacked deck.

Let go the past. Perhaps you lost a few times but clinging to underdog syndrome makes it tough to beat the odds. Be in the moment. What's passed is in the past. Nobody can change their history but everybody can change the present moment, right here and now.

Anybody can beat the odds but you need to follow these tips to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You can do it. I believe in you.


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