Going through Life or Growing through Life?

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I feel really good today because I grew quite a bit yesterday.

As you may recall, I faced 4 separate experiences triggering some mild fears in my being. Since I became aware of the fears, felt the fears and released the fears, I grew through each experience. Life gets easier if you grow through experiences based on intense personal analysis and expanding your awareness.

Most people go through life versus growing through life. Guaranteed, the old me would seem yesterday a horrible day I *went through.* That would be it. No intense, personal analysis of what I thought, felt and did to co-create the experiences. Go through life enough and you become a slave of circumstance. Situations imprison you. Victim-hood becomes your predominant state. Life eats you up and spits you out. Powerless, and being tossed around on a sea of circumstance, you hope to safely make it to the grave in a cocoon of comfort and ignorance.


Going through life makes for a miserable, unhappy, depressing experience because you forfeit your power of choice. Choosing to be free and to live your dreams only occurs after you grow through your experiences. But going through experiences without owning these moments makes you scared, miserable, depressed and powerless because you believe life happens to you, not for your growth and advancement.

Become Aware

Become hyper aware of your feelings. Be aware of your experiences and emotions triggered from hour to hour. Grow through life by learning how your thoughts, feelings and actions co-create every moment of your life.

Do you struggle with maintaining strong relationships? Analyze how your fears scare you into closing yourself off from the world. I have known loving, wonderful human beings who allowed their fears to shut themselves off from the world after suffering through immense trauma. These tortured souls who refused to analyze self and grow through experiences simply went through life for year after year, choosing to fill their lives with safe things versus getting out into dangerous humanity and enriching their experience.

Your Fault But Life Happens for You Not to You

Every single experience unfolds in your life because your predominant vibe co-creates the experience. Even unintentional experiences flow from within you. Yep; everything is your fault. But do not blame yourself. Do not beat yourself up. Own your life to realize that life happens for you, not to you.

Stop sprinting through the dangerous gauntlet of experiences. Stop going through life. Own how your thoughts, feelings and actions co-created the life you fear facing. Grow through life. Feel your fears fueling struggles, failure, depression and blanket unhappiness.

Engaging in intense personal analysis simply helps you feel the painful fears that fuel your unhappiness. Sans fears, you feel happier, at peace and grow like a weed in every area of your life.

You cannot just go through life. Mindfully grow through life. Take full responsibility for your life. Free yourself from the poisonous habit of blaming people, things and circumstances for your lot in life. Feel your stuff, own your stuff and begin growing quickly into a state of happiness, calm and abundance.

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