Every Problem Begins in Your Mind

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When did you last encounter a pressing problem?

Think through the obstacle. What was the problem?

Guess what? You created the problem in your mind with a thought and adjacent fear-filled feeling.

Everything is neutral. Everything just is. Notice how nature never judges or labels. Human beings seem to be the only sentient beings on earth capable of creating problems because our consciousness dictates we can mold a thought-feeling and color it however we want to color it.

Appearance of Wealth Loss

Some multi millionaires lose their fortune, return to zero, then make even more money on the next venture. These icons developed their abundance consciousness to the point where they only see growth, expansion, wealth, riches and opportunities in mind.

Some multi millionaires commit suicide after losing their fortune. These folks clung to a poverty consciousness where they equated a neutral means of exchange called “money” to love, fun, freedom, security and hope, in mind.

The prior party saw only opportunities for growth and advancement. The latter party saw the worst, unsolvable problem: the loss of everything valuable, abject shame and hopelessness overcoming their being. In both cases, the neutral event of money exiting a bank account occurred which in and of itself, means nothing, but the individual and their mindset colored that neutral event in their preferred fashion.

Mindset made the difference.

Mental Work Is No Joke

I spent the past 2 days observing my thoughts and feelings for most of the day. Maddening, I tell you. Active me seems used to spending 90 minutes exercising daily in addition to generously serving folks through blogging for 8-10 hours daily.

My body disagreed. Food poisoning and a mild cold forced me to bed rest. I did little for the first 40 hours save toss and turn and observing my agonizing thoughts and feelings. Problems arose in my mind: I could not publish 10 posts daily per usual, nor could I network generously as I did daily, while on bed rest. Observing accompanying fears related to these problems felt highly unpleasant. Who enjoys feeling deep anxiety without distracting yourself via TV, the internet or food?


The Western World largely distracts itself with jobs, entertainment, money, food and leisure to avoid facing problems-fears created in mind that mushroom into horrific health, financial or domestic problems down the road.

During my visits to Southeast Asia I meditated with monks in Cambodia. I learned how being non-aversive as thoughts and feelings arise feels unpleasant for a bit but cultivates immense peace of mind, health, wellness and prosperity.

Every problem you suffer through is a thought-feeling you created in mind that colors the neutral environment around you. Everything just is. Your mind and its judgments add labels like “problems” or “obstacles” to events. The only way to root out mind viruses is through careful self-observation of thoughts and feelings.


I meditate for 20 minutes daily. I also do 20 minutes of Kriya yoga. Both practices expand my awareness so I do a better job seeing everything as it is versus labeling circumstances as problems or difficulties.

Consider meditating for 5 minutes daily – for starters – if you intend to release a poverty conscious, problem plagued mindset. New thoughts begin to pop up in your mind if you face the appearance of resistance. Maybe you see an opportunity for growth or perhaps you address some deep fear that ultimately leads to lasting happiness and peace of mind.

Problems begin and end in your mind.

You choose how to frame your thinking and feeling.

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