Do You Evolve?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I know a few folks in the USA who pay bills via check and snail mail. Although this is not a bad thing, the amount of time, energy and money one wastes using this method adds up over the long term.

Using the direct debit option frees up your time, energy and capital. Literally, businesses debit money in a split second with no physical effort or money investment on your part.

Do you evolve to keep current? Or do you cling to the past? People love comfort. Folks pine for the good old days. I know a few sentimental types who enjoy waxing poetic about the past but the past has gone and never returns.

Dwelling on the past forces you to regress and robs you of the power, potential and peace of the now. Everything occurs in the moment since time is illusion. Did you ever see a bear consult a calendar before hibernating? Do raccoons check their watch before foraging each evening? Humans possess the same instinctual knowing but we need let go obsessions with time – worrying about the future and clinging to the past – to be in the moment and to evolve with nature.

Be Present

Peaceful, happy, powerful human beings remain firmly grounded in the present. Being present helps you evolve with trends, customs and cultural changes to make life easier. Consider technology. I work from all over the globe as a pro blogger. I build a blogging business, receive payments and make payments online from places like Fiji, Bali and Thailand.

Imagine if I avoided circling the globe because I stubbornly clung to paying bills through checks and snail mail? Laugh if you want to, but I know people who likely would avoid traveling for fear of having to pay bills and make money online. Fear deludes you into a comfort zone cocoon that ruins your life and robs you of your freedom.

Grow with the Times

Do not just go through the times ignorant of change and how you resist progress. Grow with the times by using technology and your awareness of current trends to make life easier.

Catch up, if you resisted evolving in certain regards. Admittedly, I rarely buy minutes for my phone after spending 10,000 hours blogging over a decade. I do not need to be online or plugged in any more and love going dark, offline. But I buy minutes during international travels to take advantage of ride sharing services that make life easier, compared to bartering with taxi and tuk tuk drivers in developing nations.

I'd be a fool to haggle with a tuk tuk driver in Thailand for a $10 ride – using hand signals and broken Thai – versus buying minutes for my phone and Grabbing or Lyfting for $2 and a $1 tip, enjoying a haggle-free experience and air conditioning too. I evolve for greater ease.

Spend More Time Enjoying Life

Evolving with the times helps you capitalize on enjoying life. My mom spent hours clipping coupons every Sunday to save $30 or $50. After watching her habits, I decided it was easier to develop my prosperity consciousness so I could simply make more money and not have to spend hour after hour clipping coupons for $30 of savings.

I evolved from a prospering energy so I could spend more time and energy doing what I genuinely loved doing. Humanity in general seems to be evolving from a collective, limited, poverty consciousness toward a prosperity consciousness as we take advantage of the internet as a genuine prospering vehicle.



Honor the basic law of evolution to live a fulfilling, fun, freeing life.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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