1 Bizarre and Easily Preventable Cause of Business Failure

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One of the strangest causes of business failure unfolds before my eyes routinely. Preventing this root cause of struggle is incredibly easy.

I have 20,000 plus hours of blogging experience. I really know my stuff. Aspiring bloggers with 0 hours of blogging experience often ask me questions. I answer based on 20,000 hours of blogging experience, intense observation and a heightened sense of awareness honed through thousands of hours of yoga, meditating and doing highly uncomfortable things.

Aspiring bloggers listen to my answer, disagree with my 20,000 hours of experience and observation, move in a different direction and 100% of the time, fail horribly until they quit their blogging business.


Does that sound bizarre to you? Listening to and trusting yourself and your zero hours of blogging experience over my decade plus insight, knowledge and wisdom makes zero sense everywhere in the universe, save your ego.

After ignoring proven advice and following your own advice you become another failed blogging business owner.

Imagine feeling deathly ill after never taking care of yourself physically or mentally for decades. Rush to the hospital. The doctor diagnoses you as suffering with liver disease. But you do not trust her. You know it has to be something different. Guess what? The only thing you genuinely know from your human experience is how to abuse yourself and damage your liver. Swallow your pride and listen to the person with 30 years of experience diagnosing liver problems and curing these maladies.

Easily Preventable

Listen to experienced entrepreneurs. Trust their advice. Follow their advice. Intelligent, aspiring entrepreneurs do the easy thing of listening to successful advice to taste sweet, freeing success.

Put your ego to the side. Exit your comfort zone. Humble yourself. Taking the three prior steps feels a little uncomfortable but quite easy if you can sit with your ego's obsession with being right and knowing the way.

Trust successful business owners. Do as they advise you to do. Eventually, succeed. Even writing this post feels weird to me but you'd be stunned at how many aspiring, inexperienced, struggling bloggers ignore my successful advice, experience and know-how to trust and follow their failed, struggling advice.

Dips Never Need to Become Valleys

No entrepreneur needs to struggle horribly to make money for 5 or 10 years. Every business owner experiences little dips here and there because you need to face fears masked as obstacles to gain clarity, to trust deeply yourself and to trust implicitly in the business-building process.

But dips quickly turn into gut-wrenching, valley-sized drops the split second you ignore advice from successful entrepreneurs who clearly see the mistakes you make, in favor of trusting your own advice on how to struggle and fail.

Have you ever thought of it that way? Every piece of advice flowing from your mind teaches you how to fail. Keep following your advice on how to fail and you will fail forever.

Succeed and Feel Better

Swallow your pride, feel your ego shame, and listen to successful entrepreneurs. Do as they do. Do what they tell you to do. Set yourself up to succeed. Feel better and better as you grow your venture.

Few experiences felt better for me than experiencing increased business success by following advice from highly successful, happy entrepreneurs. Cultivate a sense of calm confidence about your business strategy in knowing the techniques have worked well for thousands of entrepreneurs before you. Feel even better when you experience sweet business success.

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