Need Plus Greed Plus Speed Equals Bleed

by Ryan Biddulph

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A few moments ago my niece popped up on my Facebook wall.

She is a 16 year old grappler who took first place in a tournament fighting boys. This grappling stuff is the real deal; I've seen videos of her matches with kids being choked out and forced into submission via brutal, excruciating maneuvers.

How in the heck does a 16 year old girl beat up 16 year old boys in such a physically demanding event? Passion. A love for martial arts. My niece has been doing martial arts since she was 3 years old. I would not be surprised if she becomes world famous in any endeavor because of her calm, confident, focused, passionate mindset.

Most people adopt the opposite mindset. Most folks think and act from an energy of greed, need, speed, and ultimately, these folks bleed. Even if you experience worldly success you will be so beat up, battered and bruised that you rue the journey. Virtually all folks who take this fear-driven route struggle, fail and quit, miserably.

Change Your Vibe from Fear to Passion

My niece is a highly skilled fighter at 16 years of age because she devoted 13 years of her life to something she felt passionate about. Being passionate about your craft simply fuels you for the years and decade long journey required to practice enough to where you become incredibly skilled and outshine all people in your niche.

Readers firmly believe I have 10 blogging clones working on my behalf. I simply feel so passionate about writing that I spent 10 years writing tens of millions of words. Writing tens of millions of words makes it easy for me to write a 600 word, valuable post in 15 to 20 minutes. Can you see why I easily publish 8-12 posts daily?

Shift your vibe from fear, greed, need and speed to love, abundance, trust and calm. You cannot feel scared and feel passionate simultaneously. We only feel a single vibe in the moment; either fear or love.

Exit Survival Mode

Humans tend to live in Survival Mode. Work a job. Get paid. Buy food. Pay your mortgage. Get health insurance. Survive. Follow this cycle until retirement or death. You NEED to be in Survival Mode and SPEEDILY work to get a paycheck because you fear the consequences of not working to survive.

Imagine if you did what you loved to do, to thrive? Fear creeps into your mind. No paycheck on Thurdays? No health insurance? Nope. But if you put in those years of practice by following your passion and by learning from pros in your niche you will experience all the fun, freedom and money you'd ever want to experience in this lifetime.

You Will Bleed a Little Bit by Following Your Passion

Bumps, bruises and cuts are part of your passion-fueled journey but these mis-steps play a tiny role in your success, teaching you to follow your passion versus taking fear detours.

Any time I faced emotional trauma and struggle it was because I trusted my fears and turned around into Survival Mode. I soon learned nudging into fear while following your fun is the way to greater fun, freedom and worldly success.

Expect tiny bumps here and there but make sure life doesn't become one big old bruise because you duck your fears.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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