Disappointments Are Dreams in Disguise

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5 years ago I recall waking at 2 AM in exotic Fiji.

I suffered through jet lag even though I had flown from Thailand. Yes; Fiji is 5 time zones ahead of the country in Southeast Asia.

Shock met me. I soon discovered my old blog had been pulled offline. My hosting company set an ultimatum; either delete 1000 posts or my blog stays offline. After a few hours of deliberation I trashed the blog, created Blogging From Paradise and never looked back.

Believe it or not, my intense disappointment hid my dream in disguise. If my host hadn't pulled my old blog who knows if I release it to create Blogging From Paradise? I cannot honestly say I'd have trashed the old blog to create my current blog. I am living my genuine dream life now because a sharp disappointment shoved me in a different direction.

Disappointment behaves like that for people open to the message we need see, grasp and learn from in order to grow.

Disappointment Covers Dreams

Every massive disappointment hides a dream. Uncover the heartache to uncover the gem. Every terrible thing to happen to you really happens for you. Genuine disappointment unearths long buried fears, clears pain and forces you to deal with problems that hold you back from living your dream life.

Every skill I developed to live my dream life of circling the globe through blogging became honed and owned under some intense moments, from time to time. I could never live my dreams unless disappointments nudged me to get clearer, to be more generous, to trust in myself, to trust in the blogging process and to develop a sense of calm, confidence about myself.

Every disappointment makes future disappointments dissolve into serenity. My blog crashed for a few hours two weeks ago. I calmly went for a walk and returned to see my blog online. No feeling of disappointment, dread or worry besieged me. Why? I cleared blog-down related fears over the past decade and 20,000 blogging work hours of my life. If you face fears and disappointments routinely, most of your fears die and disappointments become grateful opportunities for developing your peace of mind and confidence.

Disappointments Force You to Face Dream-Strangling Limiting Beliefs

One reason exists as to why you do not live your dream life; you cling to fear-based limiting beliefs. Being terribly disappointed instantly alerts you to your most powerful limiting beliefs.

Do you feel disgusted at your lack of eBook sales? Deep down, you firmly believe you will not sell eBooks. Dig into that fear. Delve into that limiting belief. Feel the unpleasant emotions aligned with that limiting belief. Clear the limiting idea to proceed from a more empowered, clear, inspired, creative energy.

Learn from your disappointments to lay the foundation for your wildest dreams to manifest. Fear separates you from your dreams. Disappointment triggers deep fears that you need to face and feel, to prevent the heavy disappointment-fear anchor preventing people from living their dream life.

Building Block or Stepping Stone

Every disappointment I experienced served as a building block or stepping stone for my dream life because the lessons I learned from these events allowed me to become more successful. Suffering through low sales taught me how to sell. Agonizing through low traffic metrics urged me to learn how to increase my blog traffic.

I never would have lived my dreams without a healthy dose of disappointments.

Learn from disappointments. Develop peace of mind. Become more confident.

Allow your disappointments to serve as springboards as you slowly but steadily progress toward your dreams.

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Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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