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Why I am Deleting a Large Portion of My Subscriber List

I recently decided to move forward with a purge on my email subscriber list. It was a tough decision as I've worked hard at growing it over the years.

I like feeling like I'm helping people by emailing out articles, but I had to face the reality that if some people aren't opening my emails, I'm not helping anyone by continuing to send them.

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Avoiding the Junk Folder

Email algorithms have gotten pretty good, so by continuing to email people who don't open my emails, I'm setting myself up to end up in more people's junk folder.

I never add someone to my email list who hasn't asked to be on it, and people always have the ability to opt-out, but if they don't interact by opening emails and replying once in a while, that affects my ability to reach those who are getting something out of this.

If you are still on my email list and want to continue getting those, make sure to add me to your contacts, and reply once in a while. That'll help ensure that you don't accidentally get taken off, and tell the email engines that I'm a good guy :).

Don Smith

Don Smith is a business advisor and the founder of The Personal Growth Channel. Happily married with five children, he lives in Springfield, Illinois.