Looking to Buy More Books?

by Jonathan Senior

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I am guessing that most people reading this have a good supply of books.

And that every new personal development book that comes out sends you into a tailspin looking round at pre-release sites and asking is it serialised in a magazine, newspaper or website.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

I am pretty sure that if I came round to your house, there would be several books you hadn't read. Probably still in the plastic bag.

Next time you are on Amazon, head to the homepage of a book you know. Pretty sure there will be several options to buy.

New – shipped by Amazon. And then several new/used options – from third-party sellers.

If a book is that good – why are you selling it?

To earn its place on your bookshelf, your books should have a cracked spine, marker pen and pencil all over key sections. In short, they should be well read.

Blinding flash of the obvious. Buying a book doesn't automatically make the contents drip into your head. You need to read it.

What is the opposite of this charge to get new books?

Your local public library is free. (Well, here in the UK, we pay for them via our local taxes but they are free at the point of use). So you might as well use them.

OK, they might not have the latest blockbuster but guess what?

They are only SO MANY ways you can invent the wheel. Old books are the place to hang out if you want to find really FUNKY ideas.


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Jonathan Senior

Jonathan Senior is the founder of Funky Thinkers - Thought-provoking interactions…delivering a lifetime of insights!

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