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I'm a pretty active guy. If you ask me how I've been, my response is likely to be “busy.” With five kids and two businesses, “busy” is normal.

If I am not working, I feel like I'm being “lazy.” And “lazy” is a bad word where I come from, right up there with “worthless.” As in, “There's that lazy bum, doesn't he ever do anything besides watch TV and play video games?”

But perhaps lazy shouldn't be a bad word. Certainly we all need to work to put food on the table, but maybe it is good to be lazy at times.

This weekend I was lazy. I did go to the gym on Saturday morning, but then flopped on the couch and binge-watched an entire season of “Raising Dion,” a show about a kid with supernatural powers. I hung out with my kids, played video games, watched a few movies, kicked the soccer ball around, played some cards, and read a little.

Outside, the leaves sat on the ground. They aren't bad yet, but enough to make me a little uncomfortable that I didn't get out and clean them up. They'll be there next weekend though for me to deal with, along with lots of their buddies.

I didn't do any “hustling.” Beyond answering a few emails, I didn't touch either of my businesses. I just enjoyed the downtime with my family. 

Perhaps some of you will call that being lazy, in the derogatory sense. But I've learned to appreciate a lovely lazy weekend. You don't always have to be busy. Sometimes having the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life is what makes for a truly fantastic day.

Maybe Bruno was right; there's a time where people should leave a message at the tone. Give yourself permission to enjoy a lazy day or evening from time to time. I know I will.

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Don Smith

Happily married with five kids, Smith founded this site, owns a technology company in the Midwestern USA, is a former bank director, and loves playing soccer, hiking, and mentoring.

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