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My daughter recently posted that she will miss cheerleading and band as she leaves high school. It's another sign that she's coming to a close on this first chapter of her life as she approaches graduation.

Yes, You'll Miss This

Yes, Lauren, you're going to miss this, just like I'm going to miss being at those games watching you. On occasion, I still miss my high school archery team that I spent so many long evenings with making friends while trying out new trick shots.

It's like Trace Adkin's song, “You're Gonna Miss This.”

We went through this same thing when you left your competitive cheer team. I thought I would never miss those long days. I don't miss sitting around for hours, but from time to time, I do miss seeing you guys perform, and I'm sure you miss some of those friends.

This season will never come around again in exactly the same way, but it may come around again. You will likely be on other teams, and one day you may have children to go back out and watch at the high school football game. You'll get to relive those days in a little different way, the way I am experiencing them with you.

Someday your child might make you laugh on senior night

You'll learn to enjoy talking to friends on the sidelines but may grow to hate the hard bleachers that kill your back and rear, especially when it's cold out. You'll enjoy seeing something that lights up your child's face, get a laugh when they are silly, and maybe walk with them as I did you on senior night.

The Four Seasons of Life


Photo by Kana DeLuca on Unsplash

Just like the seasons of nature, most people experience life in seasons. Our life starts in the spring. Young, full of hope, with life blossoming around us, we bounce around like young fawns, and nothing seems impossible. New life forms all around us, often with children being born marking the end of the season. It's a beautiful season, but by the end we are often looking forward to summer.


Don and Lauren talking on the beach
Don & Lauren on the beach in the summer

We move on to the summer and possibly the most productive period of our lives. Long warm days await us, and the seeds we planted in our spring grow day by day, encouraged by an occasional watering and regular weeding. Pool days, beach time, and exploration await.


Pumpkin Patch
Image by Barry Ross from Pixabay

By fall, we're starting to harvest the fruits of our labor. It's a time of rejoicing, enjoying friendships, and giving back. You may be seeing new growth starting at this time, with grand kids coming around. One of my favorite seasons in nature, this is often many people's favorite season of life.


Sunset in Winter on the Lake
Some of the most beautiful sunsets are in winter

Winter may sound scary, yet there is a quiet beauty in that phase of life. The growing and busy harvesting seasons have passed, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to do or enjoy. Like Christmas, time with family becomes something you enjoy more and more. Sunsets are often the most beautiful part of the day, and winter sunsets can be the most breathtaking of all. At long last, we have time to sit back and enjoy them.

Then Spring Again?

Beyond winter, who knows. Some believe that is the end. Others believe that spring and new beginnings come once again. I'll hold out with the hope that like every other season, the start of a new and perhaps even more amazing season awaits us.

Enjoy Today

Don't spend too much time grieving that one season is nearing a close. Spend your time enjoying today with your friends, and embrace the new season when it comes. You may just find that it's your favorite season yet.

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