Passion Plus Detachment Breeds Persistence

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Bloggers often ask me how to be persistent.

Some cannot seem to find the time to blog. Others quit, return to blogging, quit and the cycle continues for years.

Lacking persistence tends to indicate you chase outcomes, not passion, in your endeavor.

I am a pretty persistent dude. Some say I am like clockwork with the volume of helpful content I publish daily. I just love what I do.

Being passionate about something is only one step. Wild-eyed excitement often leads to a lack of persistence and failure because your alleged passion is actually attachment.

Passion Plus Detachment Keeps You Going

Steve Jobs explained how you need to be super passionate about your endeavor because things will get difficult. Less passionate people quit during tough times. Passionate people who worry not about outcomes simply see the journey through until they experience worldly success.

I personally know only a few fellow bloggers who kept at it during my 10 year journey online. Everybody else I connected with faded away over weeks, months or years. Although a few people lost the passion, most simply had no genuine passion for blogging. Some of these folks felt passionate but based their motivator on money outcomes like profits and business. These folks vanish relatively quickly because when money does not arrive fast, they quit.

Be detached about your venture. Enjoy the process. Release outcomes. Love what you do for joy of doing it. See outcomes as extras or bonuses.

Be Straight with Yourself

I can honestly say I love blogging because I feel excited to blog after 20,000 plus hours of blogging work. But many bloggers are not straight with themselves. Some profess to love blogging but complain about wanting to quit every few months. Guess what? Genuinely passionate people rarely want to quit because the work is the reward. Numbers on a screen never force passionate people to quit. Only less passionate folks attached to outcomes consider quitting every few months.

Let Go Profits to Focus on Passion

Focusing heavily on outcomes drains your persistence, eats into your creativity and dissolves any passion you possess. We all want to profit a little bit but making money cannot be your prime driver or else you'll come up short and quit.

Genuinely passionate people see the work as the reward. Everything else feels like a bonus. These folks never give up because if they never made a dime over years, they would keep following their passion. I saw a 7 figure earning blogger at an internet marketing conference explain how he'd still be blogging today if he never made a cent, 15 years after he started blogging.

Develop this type of attitude to never give up. Devote your attention and energy to something you feel passionate about. Of course, if you need to make ends meet, keep your day job while pursuing your passion.

Love the process, release an obsession with outcomes and develop legendary persistence.

Inspire people to follow their dreams through your dogged tenacity.

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