Freedom Sits on the Other Side of Fear

by Ryan Biddulph

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I recall experiencing some serious hardships in my life.

During these episodes, I felt completely bound, handcuffed by circumstances.

Facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling these situations helped me experience freedom like I'd never experienced. I had to face the fear, feel it and proceed to taste the sweet nectar of freedom.

Feel the Fear and Proceed

Do you feel caged in? How about your job? Do you feel like your soul is slowly being sucked out of you every time you walk into the office? I know these emotions well. I worked a few jobs I disliked. I know what it feels like to believe you will spend 40 years of your life working for someone else's vision, for 40 hours weekly.

Refusing to face your fears enslaves you. Anybody who works a job they dislike simply fears leaving the job for some clear reason. Maybe they fear running out of money or losing health benefits. Or perhaps they fear being idle, believing something bad will happen if they have spare time on their hands.

Feel your fears. Freedom sits on the other side of fear. Proceed from a freer, happier, clear thinking and loving energy. Step into the fear. Do not cower from the fear or else you will be bound by the fear.

Being Free Beats Avoiding Fear

Every freedom I enjoy now beats a few uncomfortable moments of facing my deepest fears.

I walked for 2 hours with my wife today. We chose to walk during the day versus our normal evening walks. Why? We are both online entrepreneurs. We set out own schedule. No price tag exists on having the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Do you fear facing fear? Welcome to the club. No human enjoys fear-diving but the freedom beats these moments of discomfort. Imagine circling the globe for 8 years of your life. Visualize a few unpleasant, scary moments of fear-diving. This has been my life.

Does facing a few moments of deep fear seem like a good trade-off for 8 years of circling the globe? To anybody with sound mind, yes, this trade-off makes sense.

Moments of Fear Versus a Lifetime of Freedom

Weigh out a few moments of fear versus a lifetime of freedom.

Does it seem worth it to hug a few moments of fear and pain to live the life of your dreams? Why stay in a soul-sucking job if freedom awaits on the other side of fear? Nudge into fears. Build an exit plan from your job. Create a business around something you enjoy doing.

Keep working your job to pay bills but focus on freedom the split second you get home from work. Begin blogging. Or build some other online business. Model people who successfully built their freeing venture. Genuinely inspiring folks influence you to focus on freedom so you take scary but necessary steps to live your dreams.

If you feel bound, fear-dive. Embrace and feel your fears. Freedom awaits you.


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