Do You Rob Yourself with Scarcity Thinking?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I just checked one of my income streams for the day.

I made $5.45 cents yesterday.

Cool. I feel grateful. I feel grateful for zero. I feel grateful for life. The more grateful I am, the easier it has become to make money. But years ago, I robbed myself. I thought scarcity; never had enough. No matter what I saw, I observed it through the filter of not enough so I literally robbed myself of profits and worldly success.

Scarcity Thinking

Scarcity thinking is a fear-driven, poverty conscious energy pattern making most of humanity miserable. Scarcity thinking is the opposite of gratitude. Think, “ingrate.”

Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, if you fear you do not have enough, you won't have enough. The concept is simple understand but uncomfortable to embrace. Nobody enjoys feeling the fear of running out. Plus your ego enjoys keeping itself preserved, not wanting to admit your fear energy causes every problem in your life.

My Reframing

I found this income stream over a year ago. After working it for a few days, I made about 20 cents of profits. I experienced a scarcity thought pattern back then. 20 cents was not enough. I quit. But 4 months ago, I faced, felt and released a deep fear fueling my scarcity thinking.

I reframed everything, money-wise. $0.00 dollars was enough because I was genuinely grateful to serve people for free. Mind you; I made some money online over a decade as a pro blogger, even with this scarcity thinking hopping around in my mind.

I stopped robbing myself of opportunities and money and began working this dormant income stream again. I made $0.05 one day, $0.02 the next day and $0.30 the following day. Wow. Awesome. I chose to feel grateful and abundant.

Increase Preceded by My Gratitude and Abundant Mindset

The income fluctuated over the first month but some days, it peaked at over $1.00. Awesome. I worked it daily, for months. Today, I have earned well over $1000 through this income stream, one of my 14 income channels online.

Why? I stopped thinking scarcity, believing pennies were not enough, to feeling grateful for 0 dollars through the channel. My abundant vibe moved me into abundant action and I have generated $1000 plus dollars through the channel.

Do you want to hear something neat? When I chose to face my scarcity fears, feel the fears, and release the fears, literally every one of my income channels increased quickly. Some had been dormant for months. I experienced a collective income surge because I saw abundance and felt gratitude, versus seeing scarcity and feeling fear.

As Within So Without

No matter how hard you work, you cannot outfox your predominant vibe. If you are mainly afraid, you will either fail or live an average-type life that feels unfulfilling and empty. If you vibe mainly from love and abundance, you will succeed while having fun and prospering.

Feel and release your scarcity level thinking. Stop robbing yourself.

Prosper as you enjoy the ride from a grateful, abundant enjoy.

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