Do You Nickle and Dime Your Way into Endless Struggle?

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If you feel investing money in coaching or a course feels expensive now, imagine how expensive spending money on the coach or course will feel 5 years in the future when you are still struggling, depressed and unhappy?

I observed a scenario recently from a well-meaning but scared entrepreneur which plays out quite often. I offered my course as a solution for helping them become a successful blogger. The blogger feared the course was too expensive. I dropped the price by a hundred bucks because I wanted to get it in their hands. Still too expensive.

I then ran a discount for all my readers to increase exposure for the course. On the final discount day, I reminded the blogger of the rebate. They did not have the money because of unexpected bills. Then, their spouse unexpectedly lost their job.

Common Scenario

I have seen this scenario replayed many times during my decade online. Someone fears losing money aka investing money on a course that positions then to make money, to be free and to live their dreams. After price discounts, the fear remains strong and the individual refuses to release their money to be free, ducking their money fears.

Since the individual did not face their fear of losing money, by freely releasing money, the main bread winner loses their job. This scenario is not punishment, but just a mere reflecting of their collective money fears, back to them, via clear experiences. Either the couple faces their fear of losing money, or their checking and savings account dwindles to zero to FORCE them to face the fear.

Nickle and Diming to the Poorhouse

I have taken this nickle and diming journey to poverty. Not too fun.

I am still thrifty these days but invest my money in freedom. The more I invest my money in freedom, the more money I make. I also feel happier and healthier because anyone living a worldly life feels better with a roof over their head, a full stomach and bills paid.

Face the Fear

If you do not face your fear of losing money you simply lose all of your money to force you to face the fear. Stop nickle and diming your life. Invest money to make money. Invest money in fun, freeing vehicles. If a generous pro offers you a discount for some coaching or consulting, take them up on their offer, or else you will suffer later.

Money has a direct way of teaching you lessons about surrender, trust, abundance and facing deep fears. Money forces you to leave your comfort zone. If the blogger invested money in my discounted course the moment I lowered the price for them, they could have avoided more money problems because they would have nudged into fear. Instead, they feared spending money, surrendered to the fear, and now they REALLY have money problems.

If you are unhappy, and struggling in your life, your poverty consciousness could be a root cause. If you have $5,000 in savings, spending $350 through your credit card on coaching or a course to free you, to help you make more money and to give you peace of mind is a no brainer.

Invest money in people who teach you how to live your dreams and prosper, and you position yourself to do the same.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

  • It is the chicken and the egg scenario for sure Ryan. People don’t think they can come up with money to invest in the seeds that will lead to a bountiful harvest later, so they don’t, then wonder why they aren’t reaping the rewards from the seeds they never planted.

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