What Is the Simplest Way to Work on Yourself?

by Ryan Biddulph

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I spend a decent chunk of time daily managing my energy.

90 minutes of power walking, 90 minutes of deep yin yoga and 25 minutes of Kriya yoga adds up.

I suggest you work on yourself too for a bit daily.

But never forget the simple way to work on yourself: work for others.

Ego-drunk people focus inward to help themselves every hour of every day. Stop looking for the holy grail of personal development. Cease trying to better yourself by going solo for most of your. Nobody becomes genuinely happy or incredibly rich by thinking inward. Happiness and success grow more quickly through our interactions with other people.

Help people to help yourself. Simple. Easy too, as you get the hang of it.

I intend not to be a hyprocrite. I spend over 3 hours daily in personal development. But I spend 8-10 hours working for other people to accelerate my self help.

Why Helping People Enriches You

Help people to vibe from love. Vibe from love to feel good. Feel good to help more people.

Worldly success finds humble servants. But working for people also serves as self help, or personal development. Shifting your attention from your problems to solving other people's problems instantly dissolves your problems. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Self help gurus make a fortune by helping people realize service is the key to lasting happiness. Problems disappear the moment you serve another human being because your attention and energy cannot be in two places at once.

My financial problems vanished the moment I chose to spend most of my day helping people without expecting anything in return. Did I spend 10 hours daily meditating or EFT Tapping to unearth and dissolve money blocks for a quick cash flow boost? Nope. Devoting too much energy to trying to solve your problems makes the problems expand because where your energy goes, grows. But if you solve people's problems generously you develop your talents and get paid.

I work a little bit on myself daily and I work for and on other people for most of my day. My problems vanish quickly. I vibe and serve from the only true emotion: love. The person I developed into (aka personal development) by working for others forced me to leave my comfort zone, put my needs to the side and release expectations. Why spend 5 hours daily trying to unearth mental blocks to develop these qualities when simply helping people achieves the end goal quickly?

Work for Or On Others

Work for people. Serve people.

Work on people. Coach people.

Angry clients teach you how to be compassionate. Desperate customers teach you how to be empathetic. People who cannot afford to buy your course teach you how to release expectations.

2 hours of helping people in the real world can be worth 20 meditation sessions.

I suggest you work on self and others to cover all bases. Spend time in silence to expand your awareness. Learn to see your mind as it is. Get out there in the real world to render service and to learn more about yourself than you ever would learn in a quiet room.


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