What Does it Take to Live Your Dreams?

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10,000 hours.

10,000 hours of time spent honing a skill beneficial to humanity.

Maybe you live your dreams within 15,000 hours of practice. Perhaps you need 20,000 hours to live your dreams.

Never mistake what I mean; 10,000 hours passing you by does not allow you to live your dreams. Spending 10,000 hours working, practicing, creating and connecting via a specific skill is the key to living your dreams.

Island Hopping Blogger

I have circled the globe as an island hopping, pro blogger for the past 8 years.


I spent 10,000 hours to position myself to succeed and by the time I hit 20,000 hours of practice I became skilled enough to succeed nicely.

To date, I have over 20,000 hours of blogging practice. Time spent in front of a laptop allowed me to render useful enough service to where I could live my dream life.

It will be so, for you too.

Put in the Time and Effort to Live Your Dreams

Think about the average person. Get a job, buy a home, pay bills and retire in your 60's. I have no issues with this life but few small kids dream of paying a mortgage and working a job just to pay bills. No human desires just to survive. You and I want to thrive. We desire to live our dreams.

Shifting from an employee to entrepreneur mindset requires putting in the time to think, feel, act and be someone who lives your dreams well before your dreams manifest. Expect to spend many work nights working past midnight to allow your dreams to come true. Expect to wake up early to work, too.

Spend 10,000 plus hours practicing a specific skill to become so good that you render valued service and live your dreams.


Does that number scare you? Good; you took the first step toward living your dreams. Nobody walks this journey fearlessly.

I am watching the movie Steve Jobs now. He regularly mentioned how you need to be incredibly passionate about pursuing your dreams because times get tough. Times getting tough means you need to face deep, pulsating fears again and again during this journey. I lived my dreams because my passion seemed stronger than my problems. My fun beat my fear. I did freeing, uncomfortable things, putting in over 20,000 hours in front of a laptop to hone my blogging skills. As my skills grew, my dream expanded.

Allow Your Dreams to Dominate Your Life

Surrender to your dreams. If you work a full time job and wish to break away from the 9-5 simply devote most off hours to living your dreams. Spend most free time doing what you love doing because you are alive primarily to do what you love to do.

This is what it takes to live your dreams. Do you see why few people live their dreams? Few humans make a full on, 10,000 hour, complete commitment to living their most spectacular life. I live my dreams and see everything expand more daily. I wrote 6 guest posts today and published 4 posts on my blog. Every day my blogging work and my dreams expand because expansion is the law of life.

Commit 100% to living your dreams.

Reach your 10,000 hours of service.

Feel the joy of living your dreams.

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