How to Handle Positive and Negative Reviews

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“This is the first work I've read from Ryan and I must say It was pretty doggone good!” ~ 5 star review

“A rehash of similar books on this topic. Nothing new and interesting.” ~ 3 star review

I shared successive reviews of an eBook I wrote above.

How do I feel after reading the positive review? I feel like I did before reading the review; peaceful, relaxed, fairly whole and complete.

How do I feel after reading the negative review? I feel like I did before reading the review; peaceful, relaxed, fairly whole and complete.

What people say about me or my work does not change how I view myself or my work.

I am just a mirror. I reflect back to people what people see in themselves.

Of course I share positive reviews to resonate with readers who enjoy receiving word of mouth marketing. But if someone buys one of my 100 plus eBooks based on a 5 star review and comes away disappointed, writing a 1 star, scathing review, I feel fairly whole, complete and peaceful.

The Problem with Trusting Opinions

Gary Vaynerchuk published a video recently explaining why he thinks parents should not get caught up in lavishly praising their kids because said kids fall like a house of cards at the first sign of criticism.

The child is not so much believing in self but believing in a parent's 100%, blind, positive view of the child, conditioning the kid to view self how others view them. Try seeing how the kid feels after someone makes fun of them or belittles them over something. Imagine a building collapsing after demolition.

Do not trust people's opinions of you and your work. Avoid getting swayed by positive or negative reviews. I am clear on what I share. Not once have I lied about my strategies online. I simply share practical mindset and blogging tips I have used to help you live your dreams from a genuine energy.

If someone musters up the attention and energy to publish a negative review of these practical, simple tips I offer from a genuine energy, I am the mirror reflecting back to them what they dislike about self and their lives. My eBook is a simple trigger of their fear. I have nothing to do with their viewpoint so I do not get emotionally involved with their world.

Similarly, although I appreciate love in the form of a 5 star, glowing review, I do not go off the deep end believing I am wonderful based on someone's opinion of me.

I love my loyal readers, eBook customers and 5 star reviewers deeply and would run through a brick wall for these folks but do not develop my belief in self or clarity in my eBooks and blog based on their reviews. Why? Some of my former 5 star reviewers became 1 star reviewers after turning nasty and negative when dealing with difficult life circumstances. I chose to avoid sinking on their karmic ship, deleted these people from my life and moved forward from a calm, peaceful, clear, relaxed energy.

See Through the Fear of Negative Feedback

Fear-filled people publish negative reviews to project their fear and pain onto you. Be a mirror, not a sponge, to this fear-pain.

See through the fear of negative feedback. Someone loves your work but refuses to deal with their own fear. Naturally, most humans choose to make their lives worse and unload their misery via negative feedback versus owning their shadows to be happy.

Appreciate the Love of Positive Feedback

Appreciate love mirrored back to you via positive feedback. Share positive reviews with your tribe to better serve people and to boost your income.

But develop detachment concerning positive reviews. Do not believe you are great because people say you are great. Own your greatness, humbly serve people, trust in yourself and carry on calmly despite any feedback or no feedback.

Cultivating this attitude took me quite a while. Do not travel a similar path. Believe in yourself now. Appreciate positive reviews, see through negative reviews and detach from each form of feedback.

You are wonderful no matter what people think, say or do, in response to you being you.

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