How Do You Handle Abundance?

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More than ever, I am experiencing worldly success during my life right now.

I have seen some past success but nothing came as easily, freely and generously as it flows to me now.

How do I handle it? I am writing my 5th guest post today. I already published 3 posts on my blog today. Factor in other blogging duties and I had a pretty jam-packed day, for a Friday.


I finally discovered the secret to lasting happiness and success: helping people gives you peace of mind and your increased profits from helping people give you even greater peace of mind.

The more you get, the more you give and the better you feel.

Old Me

The old me clung to a more poverty conscious vantage point. If I sold a course or eBook, I would take the rest of the day off, celebrating abundance. After the initial emotional high experienced after the income boost I would return back to earth and feel a bit depressed.

I did a poor job of handling abundance because I vibed predominantly fear, lack, limitation and I was a bit of an ingrate too.

How Do You Handle Success?

Sometimes, we take it easy after success flows to us. I suggest celebrating success for a moment and feeling grateful for abundance but unless you get back to helping people quickly, you will not feel good. Plus you will do a poor job scaling your success if you stop helping people for free any time you sell a course or sign up a client.

Your reward and duty for tuning in to increased abundance is teaching people to do the same through your life experience. Have you noticed how philanthropic billionaires seem to be the happiest and busiest people? Bill Gates could not spend his fortune on himself over 30 life times but he can use it to empower humanity for his life time on planet earth.

He understands that the more you get, the more you give, if you want to be happy.

For those who read Scripture, The Parable of the Talents wonderfully sums up this prosperity conscious mindset.

Keep Helping People to Scale

Tuning into abundance zeroes me in on opportunities continually increasing before my eyes. I enjoy my increased business but love helping people even more. I also observe how helping people even more freely expands my business even more freely, too.

Be generous to give people a shining example of how to handle abundance with grace and humility. Reach more people by teaching more people for free. Never take your success for granted. Be grateful for the abundance you've been blessed with.

Face, feel and release any fear-based, lazy habits consistent with mailing things in after a business or life win. Pause for a moment to celebrate your gift. Return to generously serving people.

I never grind but I do move my behind for hours daily, helping people for free from a fun-loving, passionate energy.

Your greatest gift to the world is to generously help people with your gifts. Increase your happiness and worldly success by giving more of yourself.

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