Do You Filter Opportunities from Fear or Abundance?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Think that one through for a moment.

I seize opportunities immediately if said opportunities vibe with my vision. I never turn down opportunities aligned with my fear because I released that fear a long time ago.

New me rejects opportunities not aligned with my vision. I let go from an energy of abundance because I could never seize all opportunities pitched to me daily with even a 36 hour day.

Do you reject opportunities because you fear seizing these possibilities pushes you out of your comfort zone? Not good. I recall my most profitable client begging me to work with him some 6 years ago. I feared rejection, wasting my time and being criticized but my abundant, generous client convinced me we were resonant and he'd pay me a sweet fee. I agreed to the opportunity and landed my highest paying client ever.

He Taught Me Abundance

My first prospering client taught me to run opportunities through an abundance filter.

Here's how to do it: feeling abundant, whole and complete, you need no opportunity. But does the possibility feel fun and does it lead toward your dreams? Gobble up the opportunity if you answer “yes” to both questions. Step toward your fun, freeing dreams.

Beware Fear Filters

Beware filtering opportunities through a fear prism. Old me – and struggling bloggers I observe – filter opportunities through fear. What fears arise in your being as you scan opportunities? Does the guest posting invite feel scary to you because new critics may emerge from the blogger's community? Do you fear experiencing greater success because friends and family may reject you based on your worldly splendor?

Trusting your fears rejects prospering opportunities and leads to struggle and failure.

Run all opportunities through an abundant frame of mind. You need no opportunity but in the same breath, you quickly seize opportunities leading to fun, freedom and some discomfort.

My Experience with this Blog

I pitched my guest posting talents to bloggers a few months ago. Don invited me to guest post on this rocking blog.

I felt good about the opportunity but fear arose in my being too. Would Don resonate with my writing style? Would he be incredibly picky? Would I waste my time trying to get published here?

After feeling those fear filters I chose to gauge the opportunity through abundance: Don invited me to write so he had a fair idea I could write skillfully. Increased traffic and profits awaited me through these guest posts. I could inspire his readers. Even though personal development is not my blogging niche I specialize in mindset work and offer a high volume of self-help eBooks on Amazon.

I pounced on the opportunity because after weighing downsides aka fears I perceived the upsides aka abundance and saw a good match for both of us.

Be Discerning Not Deliberating

I exhibit some discernment in filtering opportunities but usually either seize a possibility or move on in 5 to 10 seconds. I know where I am going so I see opportunities moving me in that direction or in the opposite direction.

Filter possibilities through an abundant mindset. Turn down non-resonant ventures but seize and use fun, freeing opportunities fast if the ventures lead toward your dreams.

About the Author 

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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