Can You Take a Direct Path to Your Dream Life?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Sort of.

Not really.

Of course you can take a direct path to your dream life. You always are.

What is direct? Really? 10 years ago, I was a fired security guard. Today I am an island hopping pro blogger. For me, this path was direct because all unfolded exactly how it needed to unfold for me. Everything happened at the perfect time, for my growth.

But my path took my mind on wild, windy curves not too comfortable to embrace during rocky moments of my journey.

Mind Sees Curves

My mind saw me taking curves on the way to my dreams. Hardships arose. I appeared to start all over, again. Relationships with my family became strained. What I would give for taking a simple, straight path, during those trying times?

Filtering your dream journey through mind alone creates ups, downs and curves, not unlike riding a roller coaster. Why? Mind is limited. Mind cannot see what the heart sees. Plus your mind judges everything by default.

Heart Sees the Straight Path

Your heart knows only a straight path or beeline heading directly to your dreams.

All the alleged bumps, bruises, ups and downs, curves and crashes, all needed to occur for me to face, feel and purge fears, for my increased growth. I needed to face hardship – a big curve – to be more fearless. I could never succeed living in my comfort zone. Naturally, I took the straight, direct path to living my dream life according to my heart because all unfolds in the perfect time for your growth and fulfillment.

Spend More Time in Quiet

I appear to outwork almost every blogger on earth from a creative and connecting approach but I spend 3 hours and 40 minutes daily in silence, in addition to 8 hours of sleeping.

I do 90 minutes of yin yoga, 90 minutes of power walking, 30 minutes of Kriya meditation and 10 minutes of Kriya yoga. Spending almost 4 hours in silence helps expand my awareness. I can unearth, face and feel fears more easily because silent time allows said fears to arise. Feeling and releasing fears helps me be pretty darn prolific; I place 4-5 guest posts daily in addition to publishing 4-5 posts on Blogging From Paradise.

I feel like I am sprinting toward greater dreams in a straight line because hours of meditation, yoga and exercise allow me to live more from my heart and less from my mind. I see the truth; we live in abundance. Nobody gets lost. We only find who we really are along the way.

Every human makes a beeline for their dream life if they live from their heart. Step off of the roller coaster ride in your mind. Spend significant time in quiet. No human is too busy to spend an hour or longer in quiet, even if you are raising a family as a busy entrepreneur. You owe it to your family, clients and customers to get out of your mind and to get into your heart.

Take the straight line or bee line to your wildest dreams. Good things take time of course but living from your heart makes this journey easier as you patiently and persistently glide through discomfort and inspire humanity with your living example.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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