2 Qualities Detrimental to Your Success

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I scanned my spam queue this morning.

2 out of 42 comments seemed legitimate. 40 bloggers or freelancers lied to me from a lazy energy.

What is spam but lazy lying? Spammers never comment genuinely. Non-genuine people lie. Spammers want something for nothing. In my eBook, this mindset defines lazy.

Do you want to live your dreams? Do away completely with lazy, lying energies in your being. Love with integrity. Be genuine. Practice some skill you feel passionate about to render beneficial service. Succeed.

Stop Lying to Yourself and Others

Anytime you do not behave in genuine, honest fashion, you lie. Most people believe lies to be bombshell statements intended to shock and awe folks. But anytime you avoid being completely honest about yourself you just lied to yourself. Successful people emit a genuine vibe rarely spotted in humanity.

I sleep well at night and feel good because I am at peace being fully honest with myself and people I come across. I tell pitching guest bloggers if they need more work before publishing to my blog. Of course I offer feedback from compassion and gentleness but I have no issues being completely straight with anybody I meet.

Success finds genuine people because humanity tends to be in a perpetual state of aversion and delusion. I recall observing entrepreneurs posting spammy opportunities to 300 plus Facebook Groups as the gateway to making their impending billions. Every one of these folks lied to themselves because nobody made billions on ventures built on a house of cards.

Be completely honest about your life now. Be authentic in your dealings with other human beings. Expect your star to shine brightly in a world of scared people afraid to be honest with self and others.

Stop Being Lazy

One warning; NEVER err in believing the opposite of laziness is hard, brutal work. You are a human being blessed with a consciousness, not a water buffalo. Brutally working yourself to the bone through blunt-force, mindless, forceful activities is a form of mental laziness guaranteed to bring failure or sickness or mental illness.

Sloth and mindless, frenzied, panicked, sustained work are both forms of laziness. Trade each in for generous, abundant service to humanity.

Someone messaged me today noting how I seem to work hard. She was correct; I “seem” or appear to work hard but the truth is I love blogging so blogging for 10-12 hours daily is fun, freeing and prospering to me. I generously learned blogging, practiced writing, created content and built strong bonds with top bloggers for years. Laziness or hard work played no part in these steps.

Help people generously. Leave laziness in your rear view mirror. Succeed.

Success Finds Generous People

Lazy people fail because they want something for nothing but get nothing because where your energy goes, grows. Give nothing. Get nothing.

Generous people succeed because they love helping people and want little. Give freely. Receive easily.

Study how many billionaires turned down tens of millions or billions of dollars even with millions of users. Imagine if your blog had 1,000,000 readers? How quickly would you sell out? Do you see why few billionaires grace humanity?

Mark Zuckerberg received $500,000 in funding then got a $10 million bid with 1 million users on Facebook. He rejected the $10 million bid. Mark had a vision. He realized turning down money could generously benefit humanity. Most people think only of self, take the money, and run. Mark got his 2 billion users and $70 billion net worth 8 years later.

Be honest. Help people and delay your gratification.

Stunning success will find you.

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