How Does the Wealthiest Comedian on Earth Teach You to Be Creative?

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Me and my wife enjoy seeing live stand up comedians perform in the NYC/NJ area.

One of my thrills was seeing iconic comedian Jerry Seinfeld do stand up in NYC. Let me tell you; his stand up act is even funnier than this iconic Seinfeld TV show.

I sometimes wondered how in the heck one human could make so many clever, truthful observations of ho-hum, day to day events. Then I learned about his secret to being a creative, prolific, comedic genius.

Seinfeld is worth about $950 million, nudging close to being a billionaire. Why? He created the Seinfeld TV show that has been syndicated to epic proportions.

This comedian became incredibly wealthy by being super creative. Virtually every Seinfeld episode is memorable, funny and indicative of a comedic legend.

Jerry Seinfeld clues you in how to be prolific in your chosen endeavor too.

Never break the chain.

Do Not Break the Chain

Seinfeld shared his success secret: he wrote comedy sketches daily for a long time. He envisioned each calendar day being a link on a chain. He vowed to never break the chain, writing for hours every single day, adding links over days, weeks, months and years.

Evidence of his diligence and creativity are ample. The dude made the most famous comedy show of all time about…..nothing! Think about it. Seinfeld has no real plot line. No progression or story lines flow from episode to episode, or from season to season. The show is about mundane, day to day, stuff one experiences living in New York City.

Ideas Seized Multiply

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” ~ Sun Tzu

Taking this idea further, ideas actually multiply when they are seized, too.

I write and submit 5 or more guest posts daily because I write and submit more than 5 guest posts daily. This is no koan. Nor is it a Zen riddle.

I am creative because I am creative. Or, I am creative because I intend to seize and use as many ideas as humanly possible every day. I wrote a guest post for a blogging buddy 5 minutes ago. After thinking of Jerry Seinfeld's chain concept for being creative while writing that post I decided to log in and write this post.

I seized an idea. The idea multiplied. I write and submit 2 guest posts to help people.

I have added links to my creative chain virtually every day over the past 4 years of my life, creating 1 piece of content daily since 2015.

Be Creative By Seizing and Packaging Ideas

Ideas are transient and airy. Even though you and I live in abundance you better seize and use ideas quickly by packaging these ideas into something tangible, or else ideas vanish, pronto. Ideas have a shelf life.

Write a blog post. Write a guest post. Publish a podcast. Broadcast live on Facebook.

Every person has an array of mediums and tools for making ideas tangible, packaging these energies into something beneficial and valuable for humanity.

Like Seinfeld, you need to add links to the creativity chain daily by seizing, using and packaging ideas for the benefit of other people.

As Jerry proves, being astoundingly prolific can benefit the creator quite nicely too.

Keep creating to become more creative.

Ideas seized, multiply.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

  • I love this post, Jerry has been someone that I loved watching over the years and I realized so much of my personality today has roots in some quirks from Jerry and also Kramer.

    Our observations of life are the seeds of a tree that hasn’t born fruit. Planted, watered, and cared for those fruits will yield things we can’t yet imagine.

    As I aspire to be a blogger in the world, I just started a post thread in my facebook group called the Dad Daily where I take what is on my heart that day and write 200-300 words a day. I save those posts and those will yield content in writings I have yet to conceive.

    Thank you for posting what was on your mind today!

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