Have You Paid Your Fear Tax?

by Ryan Biddulph

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Every sweet thing in life flows to you because you allowed in the thing.

Every sweet experience finds you because you allowed it in.

How do you allow? Pay the fear tax. Pay your dream tuition. Invest in goal achievement. Be with your fears to let go the only energies appearing to hold you back.

What Is the Fear Tax?

The fear tax is the fear you need to feel, face, embrace and release to experience greater success. Miserable people never pay the fear tax. Underachievers do not pay the fear tax. Failures do not pay the fear tax. Critics do not pay the fear tax either; this crowd chooses to criticize others versus facing their own fears.

Why Do People Avoid Paying the Fear Tax?

Feeling fear elicits scary, painful, uncomfortable sensations in your body. Who enjoys feeling fear? No one. During my trip to New Zealand I became intimate with the concept of swing bridges. Crossing small, bouncy, elastic bridges spanning 200 feet over rocky streams scared the living daylights out of me. I did not fear heights as much as the nauseating, bouncing motion experienced while crossing a bridge with 20 other people.

I crossed one swing bridge. I crossed the bridge again to return home. I understand why people fear paying the fear tax. Nobody likes feeling panic, anger, embarrassment, terror, horror, or shame. But the successful, happy folks of the world leave their fear-free comfort zones to face, embrace and release fears routinely.

Why Pay the Fear Tax?

Hopes, dreams, and goals sit on the other side of fear. Pay the fear tax to become skilled, experienced and seasoned. Nudge into fears to let go the little you and to embrace the big you.

Face, feel and release fears to follow your dreams. Release terrors to commit to your goals by practicing patiently as your skill set grows.

Over 10 years ago I was a depressed, scared, fear-filled security guard. Today I am a globe-trotting travel blogger. Why? I progressively faced, embraced and released deep fears to be the person who lived my dreams. Fear is the only energy stopping you from developing your skills and rendering genuine, generous service to humanity. Feel it. Release it. Succeed.

Struggle Is Fear

Pinpoint any struggles in your life. Fear feeds the struggle.

Domestic struggles signal fears concerning communication and being honest. Money struggles indicate fears concerning earning and receiving money. Business struggles suggest you deeply fear succeeding or failing for what people will think of you in either case.

Feel the fear fueling struggles to dissolve struggles for good. The person you become after feeling and releasing fear staggers even the most disciplined, focused people because fear distorts while love makes clear.

Paying the Fear Tax Is Worth It

Every fear I faced, embraced and released is worth the sweet success I experienced on the other side of fear.

Pay the fear tax. Nudge into your deepest frights. Unburden yourself of these yolks to be the person who lives your wildest dreams.

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you learn how to blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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