1 Thing People Forget about Iconic Billionaires

by Ryan Biddulph

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Do enjoy using your phone?

Steve Jobs was responsible for that.

Some people criticized the late, great Jobs for being stingy with philanthropy but he already rendered such an astounding service for humanity that most humans spend hours daily staring at a small growing screen to connect with the world. He may have made a fortune for his efforts but he generously worked for free, for an extended period of time, before making it big to connect most of humanity.

Raw Deal

Mark Zuckerberg gets a raw deal sometimes. True; Facebook may be up to legal chicanery but at the end of the day, he worked generously, for free, to offer the ultimate form of convenience. Over 2 billion users have joined a free website to communicate with their fellow 2 billion humans on Facebook.

Did you create a website and work on it for free for many years that eventually linked 2/7ths of the human race?

Do you know how many online entrepreneurs have made hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars by using Facebook as one of their connecting and networking platforms?

Do you know how many people have met long lost relatives or have discovered their 30, 40 or 50 year high school reunions only because Facebook has such a massive, titanic, global reach?

Mark Zuckerberg tirelessly worked to create perhaps the most convenient form of connecting humans with humans that we have ever known.

Most people forget that virtually all iconic billionaires worked for free for a long time before making it big. The titans make life easier for us. Visionaries render millions of dollars worth of service before making their millions and billions.

Gratitude Versus Grumbling

Billionaire Bashing seems all the rage these days. How about expressing gratitude for the fact that you can log into a free site and communicate with, connect with, and befriend any one of 2 billion human beings from around the globe? I befriended buddies on Facebook from Fiji, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Turkey, among other countries. After circling the globe for 8 years I met more than a few of my Facebook buddies in person. This would not have been possible 20 years ago because no one social network has linked humanity globally as Facebook has.

I spent the past few days writing and submitting guest posts to my blogging buddies in:

  • India
  • Nigeria
  • The United States
  • Nepal
  • Cameroon
  • England
  • Canada

I met and befriended most of these bloggers through Facebook Groups. For free.

He Connected Much of Humanity

Do you understand how much Mark Zuckerberg has saved all of us in airfare? We meet and befriend people from all over the world at the click of a button through his generous efforts. You cannot possibly build something with 2 billion human users without creating it on a foundation of generosity, altruism and a willingness to remove your financial gain for many years before it becomes huge enough to go viral.

Before you bash a billionaire, be grateful for the convenience they generously created for you before being worth billions of dollars. We are all entitled to receive money for service rendered. Those who offer service on a massive scale simply receive more money than the rest of humanity. Plus, these icons give you the platforms and convenience to make your own millions to billions of dollars, if you are generous, patient, persistent, and display their level of altruism and delayed gratification.

Be grateful for the few humans who have changed humanity in an indelible fashion.

Icons mold the world we see today.


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