Why Compete When You Can Co-Create?

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Don graciously invited me to guest post on his blog.

We have promoted one another for years.

We co-create because you and I live in abundance. No shortage exists. No lack exists. Save in the human mind.

Entrepreneurs foolishly believe in scarcity, lack, limitation and loss. Such lines of thinking create an alien concept of competition. Fear is illusion. Abundance is real. But many entrepreneurs burdened by fear go against, fight, strain, strive and seemingly cheat other people in their niche to ensure that they get ahead.

Newsflash; you cannot get ahead of anybody because we are all connected. A rising tide lifts all ships. But a sinking tide created by fear of competition actually lowers all ships, regressing humans from the truth of abundance toward the illusion of poverty.

Stop Wasting Your Energy

I could spend the next 20 minutes trying to outwit Don. Even though he is in a different niche, he may be getting way too much passive traffic from me. Maybe I can promote this post on Facebook without tagging him. Good; then I will get more of the credit, traffic and profits.

Do you see how insane I'd need to be with fear, to think along these dingbatish, competitive lines? Fear makes you do stupid stuff. Fear ensures you waste your energy going against versus being for, and with.

Every time you compete in anything you move from abundance truth to poverty illusion, nudging into the hologram of lies, deceit, and frankly, a level of insanity only present in the human mind. Stop wasting your energy trying to go against competition that does not exist.

Work With Not Against

Instead of spending 20 minutes plotting against Don or avoiding the guest post all together to engage in silly, competitive practices, I am working WITH Don to help both of us succeed. I gain sweet traffic and profits by leveraging my presence and increasing my exposure, per Don's generosity. Don gets free, passive traffic via my guest post. We both win because we both decided to work together.

I happily promote all guest posts via Twitter and Facebook and also tag my fellow bloggers to give them credit, to boost their traffic and to increase their profits.

I have opened my blog to guest posting recently. Don and any other skilled bloggers are free to guest post on my blog. We both co-create to tap into abundance versus competing to fight for scarcity.

Doesn't it make sense to work with, not against?

Be Abundant

I often recount tales of millionaires and billionaires who generously co-created for a bit before earning millions to billions of dollars. Top bloggers guest posted on thousands of blogs to co-create their way into a sea of abundance. Top entrepreneurs acted abundantly by doing 1,000 or 2,000 interviews – or more – to co-create helpful content for people. Massive exposure gained through these abundant, creative, non-competitive actions lead to millions or billions of dollars and world wide fame too.

There Is No Single Pie

You probably heard of the old school pie analogy when it comes to creating and competing. One person slices a pie into 4 pieces. Another slices the pie into 8 pieces to share the wealth. NO! This analogy stinks because it is mired in scarcity and fear, believing you work with limits, namely, a single pie.

There is no single pie to work with. You live in abundance. Nobody needs to slice a pie into 12 pieces so you can share the pie with more folks. How about co-creating with other people to bake 12 billion more pies?

No limits exist.

Stop competing.


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