I Don’t Think You Can Complete This Fitness Challenge

Ok, we both know you can, but I don’t think you will develop a habit of working out at least three times per week this year. I dare you to prove me wrong 😃. That’s the premise of our new fitness accountability challenge.

If you work out at least three times a week, we’ll pay you…out of the money we collect from others who say they will but don’t!!!

Sign up, then tag a friend and tell them you want their money!!! And of course that you want them to be healthy and to be around for a long time because that’s good too…

That’s really what this is all about, forming some healthy new habits. Contrary to the title, I actually do think you can do it. Join us and have some fun while getting fit this year!

Click here for more information and to sign up.

Workout challenge - accountability group. Photo of a lady struggling to touch her toes.
Don Smith

Don Smith, the founder of The Personal Growth Channel LLC., specializes in helping the next generation of leaders and small business owners create a well-rounded life which incorporates physical fitness, high-performance leadership, and a focus on the family.