Calling all fitness bloggers & gym regulars – make some easy money this year with our workout accountability challenge!

Do you post about fitness, own a gym, or work out regularly? We want you in our workout accountability challenge!

I’ve seen post after post recently from gym regulars complaining about the new people coming to the gym for a little while after New Years, so I created a new accountability challenge designed to reward those who actually stick with their resolution. You know that many people are going to quit after a month, so guess what, if you already work out at least three times per week, this should be easy money for you!

Your involvement will help spread awareness and help people create a new healthy lifestyle, which is what we are really aiming at. Getting paid while helping others, that’s a hard combination to beat in my mind. You can even form a team and compete against other gyms!

If you don’t work out regularly yet and are actually committed to your New Year’s resolution, let others know you are serious and put some teeth behind those resolutions by joining our challenge! Let us help you become a healthier you this year!

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See you at the gym!

Fitness blogger working out
Don Smith

Don Smith, the founder of The Personal Growth Channel LLC., specializes in helping the next generation of leaders and small business owners create a well-rounded life which incorporates physical fitness, high-performance leadership, and a focus on the family.