This video from Nick on Patreon...the best part of my week - The Personal Growth Channel

This video from Nick on Patreon...the best part of my week


A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and get our personal development community set up on Patreon. Patreon is a site designed to allow artists, bloggers, singers, or anyone who produces content to connect directly to fans. We've started using that to provide exclusive rewards to people that they can't get anywhere else. Sneak peeks, behind the scenes looks, free workbooks, and many more perks await those who decide to join us on Patreon.

When starting up the site, I was browsing around to see how others did things, and ran across a guy that I thought had a tremendous amount of talent who was producing silly little videos, yet had no patrons. On impulse, I decided to chip in a few bucks.

I really didn't expect what happened next...

Amazing Video From Nick on Patreon - Thanks Don

Nick went way above and beyond the call of duty. He produced an entire video and little song...overnight! Not only that, but he subscribed and pledged back to support our personal development community, becoming our first patron before we even really went live!

Watch his video below, then consider following him and supporting this guy's amazing talent! Make sure your sound is on! You can find Nick on Patreon by clicking here. Let's show him some love! Thanks Nick! Quick word of caution, some of Nick's other content may be a little too...colorful for some people's taste.

Join Our Personal Development Community On Patreon

Interested in joining our personal development community? Click here to learn about all the rewards available and join us. You can also watch the video below to learn a little more about us.

Get Paid To Create Using Patreon

Are you a creator yourself and want to get paid for your efforts? By using this affiliate link to sign up you'll get several bonuses based on the number of patrons signed up in the first 30 days, see table below.

Number of patronsYour bonus

How To Get Your First Patrons on Patreon

When launching this Patreon account, I had a problem that I already knew about going in from my experience with building a network of nearly 20,000 followers on various social media and email channels. To get patrons, I first needed patrons so that others know the site is legit. In marketing terms, that's called social proof.

Once you have a few subscribers, things normally start getting easier. For example, on my twitter account, it's not unusual for me to get 100 or more people following me on a single day now that I have a lot of followers.
Power of Social Proof Plus Getting Your First Patrons on Patreon - Shows over 100 new Twitter followers in the last 14 hours
Over 100 new Twitter followers in the last 14 hours - not too bad

When I was first getting started, I was lucky if I got a new follower every few days! It wasn't because my stuff sucked either, although I have gotten a lot better. It is simply because no one wants to follow an account that no one else following!

If you want to succeed on Patreon, you'll have to show social proof as well by hustling to get those first few patrons. Here's how I got my first patrons, and how you can too. I did a soft launch on my Patreon on 4/13/18 and had a handful of patrons within a day using the strategy I outline in the article "How To Get Your First Patrons on Patreon Without Bugging Family or Using Pledge For Pledge". Good luck!
This video from Nick on Patreon...the best part of my week This video from Nick on Patreon...the best part of my week Reviewed by Don Smith on 4/15/2018 Rating: 5

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