Life Coach Certification Course by Kain Ramsay: My Review

by Don Smith

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I'm a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to life coaches in general. I've been mentoring people for nearly twenty years and have done some life coaching myself, but many of the life coaches I've met are…well…let's say they're not quite all they are hyped up to be. That's why when I decided to take and review Kain Ramsay's life-coaching certification course earlier this year, I had my reservations.

Life Coaching Certificate
It's Official; I'm Now a Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching Certification Course Review: A Pleasant Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed Kain Ramsay's Life Coaching Certification Program and got some great material out of it. Ramsay's workbook, Balance, was good enough that I edited it a little (with permission) and started using it to do initial consultations with my clients.

I was a little taken off guard by just how much information was in this course, especially given the reasonable pricing. The description promised 19.5 hours of video, but it took me more than three months to get through all the material. Granted, I was going through the material while working full time and raising five kids, but this went way above and beyond what I was expecting.

Beginning or Advanced Life Coaches Will Benefit From Kain Ramsay's Course

Far from a simple seminar on goal setting, Kain Ramsay provides a course in human psychology. Core values, workbooks, frameworks, understanding human behavior, communication skills, and yes, goal setting; this course covered almost everything I've come across in my practice and then some. Ramsay's style is easy to follow, and he constantly adds material to the course to answer questions from students.

Ramsay does get a little repetitive at times, which I expected in a course like this, but I didn't feel like he was overly repetitive. He does a great job setting the foundation which should help new life coaches. For experienced coaches, he also dives into advanced topics, which I liked.

The Bad

On the downside, I wish Kain had focused more on showing people how to get clients and setting up the business side of things. As a business consultant who helps people grow their businesses, getting clients seems like a critical part of any business, and I suspect that gap is why many new coaches struggle. But the course does a good job preparing people to be a coach, which is what the objective is. And guys like me don't mind as that leaves more business for us.

New Life-Coaching Tools To Put In Your Toolbox

As Ramsay would say, good coaches are like good carpenters. They collect many tools over the years and then pull them out when they need them. This course will fill your life coaching toolbox with lots of good insights and workbooks. Ramsay also has a great online community you can join to learn more from other coaches; that alone is worth every penny, in my opinion.

If you want to become a certified life coach or wish to learn the psychology behind why people do what they do, I'd highly recommend checking this one out! Click here for a highly discounted rate on the course.

Five-star rating from me, great job Kain!

Life Coach Certification Course by Kain Ramsay: My Review


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  1. Wow – could not disagree more. From the laziness of his power points, which clearly had not been proofread, to his bashing of therapy (Therapists are "ass-licker" money-grubbers who only want to "keep you happy" and diagnostics for mental illness are just "labeling" your humanity and pathologizing genuine emotion), which was odd since he is ostensibly a therapist and lecturer on psychology as well, I could not get through more than a few hours. Waste of time and money — though not much money ($22 on Udemy). You get what you pay for.

    1. Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the course. Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want your money back. I've personally witnessed the damage a poor therapist can do to someone, so I identified with his comments more than some would. I completely agree with him that people are labeled with accompanying happy pills way too much.

      If you follow the money on that one, "depression" gets reimbursed by insurance companies. If you put down that the person made poor lifestyle decisions leading to a low spot in their lives, now you don't have an illness which means many insurance companies won't pay. It's easy to slap a label on someone and give them pills, much harder to address the underlying issues. Every person I know has gone through rough spots in their lives, that doesn't necessarily mean they have an actual chemical imbalance like those truly suffering an illness do.

      I'm not discounting the help a good therapist can give to someone; I have used them personally and with my family. But I get what he's saying; way too many therapists slap labels on people who don't have mental illnesses. I'm not saying there aren't mental illnesses. For example, a homeless guy was fighting with thin air and throwing rocks at our building the other day trying to hit his invisible attacker. He has some mental health issues or was on something. But most moody teenagers and stressed-out people are perfectly healthy and only need some guidance.

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