April 19

Life Coach Certification Review: Becoming a Certified Life Coach

by Don Smith

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I'm a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to life coaches in general. I've been mentoring people for nearly twenty years and have done some life coaching myself, but many of the life coaches I've met are…well…let's just say they're not quite all they're hyped up to be. That's why when I was invited to take and review a life-coaching certification course from Kain Ramsay earlier this year, I had my reservations.

Life Coaching Certificate
It's Official, I'm Now a Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching Certification Course Review: A Pleasant Surprise

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed Kain Ramsay's Life Coaching Certification Program and got some great material out of it. In addition, I liked Ramsay's workbook, Balance, so much that I edited it a little (with permission) and have used it to do initial consultations with my own clients. You can pick up a copy of that workbook by clicking here, or Ramsay's version also comes included with the course.

I was a little taken off guard by just how much information was in this course. The course promised 19.5 hours of video, but it took me more than three months to get through all of the material. Granted I was going through the course while working full time and raising 5 kids, but this went way above and beyond what I was expecting.

Beginning or Advanced Life Coaches Will Benefit From This Course

Ramsay's style is easy to follow, and he has continued to add a lot of additional material to the course since it was first introduced to answer questions from students. Far from a simple seminar on goal setting, this was a course in human psychology. Core values, learning styles, workbooks, frameworks, understanding human behavior, communication skills, and yes, goal setting, this course covered almost everything I've come across in my own practice and then some.

Ramsay does get a little repetitive at times which is to be expected in a course that could take months to complete, but I didn't feel like he was overly repetitive. He does a great job setting the foundation which should help new coaches and dives into advanced topics which should help even advanced coaches.

New Life-Coaching Tools To Put In Your Toolbox

As Ramsay would say, good life coaches like good carpenters collect a lot of tools over the years, and then pull them out when they need them. This is one course that will fill your toolbox with lots of good insights and workbooks if you're a life coach or considering becoming one. Ramsay also has a great online community you can join as well to learn more from other coaches, that alone is worth every penny in my opinion.

Life Coaching Certification (Beginner to Advanced):

A comprehensive life coach certification course in the primary concepts, principles, and practices of life coaching

Course Objectives:

  • Identify how people's brains handle, store and manage information.
  • Influence how people think, feel, and behave in view of achieving their primary life goals.
  • Help clients overcome negative feelings, destructive thought patterns, and bad habits.
  • Identify the common limiting beliefs and misplaced priorities that cause people major issues in life.
  • Use the full range of downloadable life coaching resources that come provided within the course.
  • Apply the full range of skills discussed throughout this course with confidence on yourself or others.

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Five-star rating from me, great job Kain!

Life Coach Certification Review: Becoming a Certified Life Coach

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