How I Lost Over 1,300 Twitter Followers Overnight

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The other day, I decided to clean up my Twitter feed. Unfortunately, I may have inadvertently cleaned up things a bit too much, as I went to bed with over 14,000 followers and woke up to only 12,700. It's not unusual for me to gain a hundred or more NEW followers each day, so losing this many Twitter followers overnight was a bit of a shock. Here is the one thing you should avoid if you don't want to lose followers.

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How I Lost 1,300 Followers Overnight

I used to follow everyone back who followed me. The problem with that is when you're following 10k+ people; it makes your feed unusable.

I was tired of seeing all the junk in my feed, so I unfollowed virtually everyone the other day. The one thing I didn't count on was that many people notice when you unfollow them. While I didn't intend to offend anyone, many may have seen it that way, and I probably had more than a few bots following to get their counts up.

Overnight, my follower count dropped off a cliff.


If you care about your Twitter follower count, don't unfollow your followers! On a positive note, my feed is much cleaner, and frankly, I'm not too fond of the follow-for-follow game, so if you want a usable feed, it might be worth it.

How I Lost Over 1,300 Twitter Followers Overnight

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