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How I Lost Over 1,300 Twitter Followers Overnight

The other day, I had the bright idea of cleaning up my Twitter feed a bit. Unfortunately, I may have inadvertently cleaned up things a bit too much as I went to bed having over 14,000 followers and woke up to only 12,700... It's not unusual for me to gain a hundred or more NEW followers each day, so losing this many Twitter followers overnight was a bit of a shock. Here is the one thing you should avoid if you don't want to lose a bunch of followers.

How I Lost 1,300 Followers Overnight - Graph Showing Drop

How I Lost 1,300 Followers Overnight

I've been using the paid version of Crowdfire for a while now to grow my social media presence. It does exactly what it says it will especially on Twitter, it'll grow your base if you follow the daily prescriptions. It's a big part of how I've grown this site to having over 20,000 followers across various social media and direct email subscribers. As a matter of fact, I've been so successful with that platform that they approached me awhile back to help sell their stuff, which I happily agreed to. If you have your own site and want to get more followers, use my referral link by clicking here to get a great deal.

Screenshot showing 100+ Twitter followers in the last 14 hours
A More Typical Day For Me

The one thing I don't like about Crowdfire is that you end up following a lot of people on Twitter as one part of the process. This is essentially a way to ping them and then often times if they like your page they'll end up following you back. Keep in mind you can't just go randomly follow a million people either, Twitter will shut you down if you do that. Crowdfire has a way of suggesting people that are likely to enjoy your content and then you have the opportunity to follow them, so it's a much more organic process.

Anyway, I was tired of seeing all the junk in my feed, so the other day I found a script that allowed me to mass unfollow everyone. I took a deep breath, and hit run. My following count went to zero. The one thing I didn't really count on was the fact that many people take notice when you unfollow them. While I didn't intend to offend anyone, many may have taken it that way. If I offended you, hit me up and I'll add you back. Oops...

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