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A Vision For The Future: The Personal Growth Channel


Our Mission and Our Future

Our Mission here at The Personal Growth Channel is to help each other grow in our personal and professional lives, that hasn't changed. There will always be someone who needs our help, who needs YOUR help. I hope that you have been enjoying our community. Now it is time for me to ask each of you for a favor, for your help. We have a lot of dreams for this community, dreams that can only come true if members of the community like you come together to help. Here are some of the ideas we would love to make a reality.

Man with binoculars looking into the future
Looking Into The Future

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We have been able to get rid of all of the annoying pop-up ads and most inline ads that most websites have these days due to our supportive community. With your help we can keep it that way!

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About The Author: Don Smith is the founder and one of the primary authors of The Personal Growth Channel. He has invested heavily in helping others through both monetary and time contributions as a way of giving back. He believes strongly in the power of community, and is looking forward to seeing many more lives transformed as we move ahead into the future.
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