5 Outstanding Self Improvement Skills You Should Start Using Today

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Self Improvement Skills You Can Use TodaySelf-improvement or personal development is a conscious effort that is focused towards getting yourself out of the mundane banalities of life. This is when a strong desire prevails that takes you where you want to be, helps you grow into the person that you have been longing for and allows you to elevate your life by bringing positive changes.

Self-improvement, therefore, is the path that leads you to a happy and healthy state of being. It tries to help you develop your personality in such a manner that even makes people around you happy too. Thus, if you want to fulfill the goal of achieving an invigorated self, you must also be ready to undergo various challenging physical and emotional situations. This is how an attitude of constant personal development helps you:

  • It encourages lifelong learning: When you begin to walk on the path of self-improvement, you commit yourself to learn throughout your life. It’s like a health club for your brain that stimulates your mind and keeps your spirits high.
  • Self-improvement brings new opportunities: Your personal growth on account of self-improvement brings new opportunities in your life. All you need to do is have a keen eye to recognize them.
  • It boosts your self-confidence: Self-confidence is when you realize that you can achieve your dreams. It is when you make yourself ready to face your fears head-on along with a resolve to overcome obstacles coming your way without any whimper.
  • It helps you become a better person: Self-improvement is essentially finding a better version of yourself, which allows you to bring improvement in every sphere of life. So, you have to constantly look at what you can improve upon.

Want to start walking this path? The following are self-improvement skills that will provide you with abundant long-term benefits:

1. Manage your time effectively

Illustration of time management

Time management is the first step towards self-improvement, for it is important that you balance the conflicting demands of time. You have to equally give time to your professional and personal life. Once you have identified to improve how you manage your time, you can begin to adjust your routines and patterns of behavior. When you start organizing your time in a better way, you increase your efficiency and ability to utilize your time where it really counts. In order to be productive in terms of managing your time, you need to prioritize your goals and shut down distractions like emails, co-workers, and social media.

2. Improve your sleep patterns

Image credit: Timothy Krause

When there is stress, your sleep habits are normally getting disturbed as well. Today, many sleep disorders like insomnia are having negative implications for people’s health. Insomnia, in turn, is associated with many life-threatening diseases such as cancer, chronic pain, hypertension, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression. Sleep is also very important for resetting your body and brain functions. There are many animals that go into hibernation in order to reset their bodies. For example, Grizzly bears and polar bears go for six months in hibernation; or snails can hibernate for as many as three years! Clearly, sleep is important for every living being as much as it is for humans. Maybe we should learn a little bit from nature.

3. Active listening

Active Listening: A highly underused skill

The power of listening is a highly valuable asset that builds strong relationships and requires you to improve your attention span along with disciplining yourself. Whether you are at a party or at your workplace, you just don’t want to be heard, but to be truly listened to as well. Active listening is such an important habit that it can even help you get ahead in your career. When you’re mindful, you’re fully concentrated, you engage in and absorb whatever someone else says to you. Hence, it is a great way of earning the trust and respect of your peers and friends. Pay attention to what people say and it will help you understand issues, come up with better solutions and deal with problems in a more efficient way.

4. Stay healthy

Apple illustrating healthy eating

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important step towards self-improvement. When you combine your good nutrition with physical activity and exercise, you basically choose a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. When you know an action will have a positive impact on your health, you are greatly motivated to perform it. Moreover, while doing so, you will also motivate your family and friends. When you focus on keeping yourself healthy, you are choosing to accumulate more strength in terms of going on a hike, playing your favorite sport and enjoying things and people around you. In a few words, if you have a healthy lifestyle, you’ll gain energy, improve your attention span, and even develop a more pleasant mood.

5. Be compassionate

Two people helping each other climb

When you are compassionate, you have the motivation and desire to help a suffering person. However, the ultimate aim of being compassionate is to improve your life by helping others improve theirs. Be sure that this will give you peace and inner happiness! Compassion is the perspective of assuming the best in others. It ensures that you choose to remain happy by making others’ life happy. When you focus on serving others, you gain a better perspective on your own problems. This way, you can work through your own feelings rather than simply live with them.

Article republished with permission from Book Yoga Retreats.

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