Lesson from my daughter: Dad, why you gotta be so formal?

by Don Smith

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My Daughter's Drawing of Me That She Set As My Twitter Pic

The other night, I was working on an article, when I heard my daughter trying to control her laughing. If any of you remember my Whee!!! story, you know that that's not good…

It took me a few minutes, but I figured out what she had done.

That picture at the beginning of the article? That was now my new Twitter profile pic. Now normally it wouldn't bother me, but all I could think of was that I've got 14,000 people following me on Twitter, and I just put that out there as my new profile picture.

Here's my old profile picture for comparison.

Don's old twitter picture - formal life, career, and business coach
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Now I'm not too hung up on appearances, but I always like to make a good impression, and I got a bit upset. Lauren said, “Dad, why you gotta be so uptight and formal all the time? People need to know you're a guy that has some fun too!”

People need to know you're a guy that has some fun too! -My Daughter

You know what? She's right. People might like to see another side of me rather than the stuffy general manager, board member, and business coach. But…that profile picture still had to go.

We compromised a bit and added this picture instead. It's of me and my daughter, Lauren, walking and talking on the beach during a trip we took last year. I thought it was appropriate considering how the change came about.

Don and Lauren Talking on the Beach - A lot less formal
Don & His Daughter Lauren Talking on the Beach

I'll try to loosen up a little bit on here. Life is supposed to be enjoyable, and frankly, I'd like to get to know some of you a little more than the formal side of me allows. There's a time and a place for being formal, and a time and a place for being a bit more casual. In today's day and age, a little of both is probably a good option.

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