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The Personal Growth Channel Scholarship Winner

Scholarship winner

I'm happy to announce the winner of our scholarship this year, Kristianne Nocom!

Kristianne writes: "I am about to start my second year at the University of Florida. Upon reflecting on my first year, I have been thinking about what I can do to improve and what I did wrong. As I started researching, I stumbled upon The Personal Growth Channel. Personal growth is extremely important to me because I believe it is essential to living your best life. Being self-aware and working on your weaknesses is something I recommend everybody to do throughout their life because it is how you become the best "you." My time in college is where I want to find myself and become my best self. Having this scholarship would mean I would not have to worry about some expenses so that I could continue to be my best self."

Best of luck Kristianne, hope this helps!
The Personal Growth Channel Scholarship Winner The Personal Growth Channel Scholarship Winner Reviewed by Don Smith on 10/02/2017 Rating: 5

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