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My Experience With A Personal Trainer: Week 1

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse. -Jim Rohn

I've been preaching investing in yourself for years on this site. This week I decided to invest in a priceless asset, my health.

I decided to get serious about my physical fitness and hired a personal trainer. After checking around a bit, I found Jeremy Ferry with Pure Performance Fitness in Springfield, IL.

Personal Training Consultation

I scheduled a free consult with Jeremy and met with him for about a half hour. Jeremy went through a thorough checklist to figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish and why I wanted to make a change.

I had injured my shoulder trying to work out on my own months ago and was in constant pain to the point that I wasn't sleeping well at all. We talked through that as well as the fact that I wanted to look and feel good, and he assured me that the shoulder injury wouldn't be a problem. Not only did he feel that it wouldn't be a problem, he felt that we could probably fix it!

I signed up on the spot and walked away feeling that Jeremy really cared and confident that he would hold me accountable to my goals.

Day 1 With A Personal Trainer

My first day at the gym, I changed and went out to see how this new adventure would begin. We immediately started foam rolling to work out the kinks, and then Jeremy asked me to go grab a pair of 5lb and 8lb dumbbells.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking, “What the hell, does he think I am a 10-year-old girl??? Do I really look that weak??? 5lb weights???”

We're working out with these tiny weights???

Luckily, I chose to keep my mouth shut and did as instructed. After all, this is why I hired a personal trainer, to tell me what to do!!! I didn't want to start second-guessing this guy a few minutes into the workout.

45 minutes of training later, I was dying. I could barely lift my arms for the next two days! Talk about a workout! I certainly won't be complaining next time I'm asked to grab a pair of 5lb dumbbells to start…

Day 2 With A Personal Trainer

Jeremy and I had agreed upon three sessions a week, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Nearly 3 days after our first session, my arms were still sore, but I showed back up at the designated time. Jeremy asked if I was sore, and I downplayed the fact that I was sore as hell and told him a bit. He told me to grab some 5lb and 8lb weights again. This time I was glad and maybe even a little scared to hear those words…

We finished our session, and somehow much of the soreness was gone from my arms! I have no clue how he did it, but the pain that was in my shoulder had already largely faded into the background as well. I had gone from barely being able to lift my arm and unable to sleep on my side for months to only having a little soreness in my shoulder in 3 days.

Healthy Diet Plan

Jeremy put together a healthy diet plan for me as well which looks like it will be relatively easy to follow. This is why I hired a personal trainer, to tell me exactly what to do and what to eat, and to keep me accountable to that schedule. I already knew that physique is 80% diet and 20% exercise, Jeremy merely reinforced that and made it simple for me to know what to eat.

Healthy food recommended by my personal trainer

Jeremy's enthusiasm for physical fitness is contagious, and I enjoy talking to him. Unlike regular gym classes, I'm actually looking forward to our next session. Not even one week in, I'm glad that I decided to go all in and invest in my physical health.

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Don Smith

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