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Warren Buffett Reveals the Best Investment You Can Make

Warren Buffett with President Obama; Invest in Yourself

Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, a household name on Wall Street, had this to say about the best investment you can make.

“Invest in yourself as much as you can, you're your own biggest asset. Anything you can do to invest in yourself is the best possible investment you can make”. Warren Buffett

Investing in Certifications Increases How Much You Get Paid

Think about what you would pay your buddy Billy for accounting advice versus a certified public accountant. You'd probably pay the CPA a couple hundred dollars an hour to get their advice, but might consider buying Billy a beer. The primary difference between those two people is education. Certification means something and usually, it means $$$.

Interested in a deep dive into the math behind why Buffett says investing in yourself is the best investment you can make? Use our investment calculator from “The Insane Math Behind Investing in Yourself” and you'll find that certifications can return up to $1,000 for every dollar spent, year after year.

How You Can Invest In Yourself Today

Certifications are what our training partner ed2go offers. If you aren't ready to commit to more years of study in college, but want training that employers and customers will actually recognize, this is your best option. These are the real deal, not some cheap Internet courses taught by amateurs. Most of these classes are conducted by professional college instructors with 20, 30, or more years experience. This is an investment in your future!

Here are some of the top course categories offered by ed2go.

Accounting and Finance
Computer Applications
Language and Arts
Design and Composition
Law and Legal
College Readiness
Healthcare and Medical
Personal Development
Writing and Publishing
Computers and Technology
Teaching and Education


Pro Tip: Invest in Yourself and Get Reimbursed By Your Employer!

Many employers also offer reimbursement for training as this is a win win for everyone, so you may find that not only can you make more money by completing these courses, but you can also get them paid for. Most employers require that you work for them for a certain amount of time to make sure they get the benefit or will charge you back if you leave, but even that is a pretty good deal.

If you can't afford it yourself, bookmark this page, find something you're interested in that will help you in your job, then talk to your employer. Ask yourself how helping you with your education could be a win for them, and then go to them with that proposal. Benefits like higher billing rates, increased efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction usually make this a win for both of you!

Investing in Your Skills

If you are interested in improving your skills but can't find what you're looking for through ed2go, check out our other partner udemy by clicking here. You can learn nearly anything there with over 65,000 courses.

Join Others Interested in Personal Development

Be sure to take a few seconds to sign up for your free Personal Growth Channel account. Investing in yourself is what we are here for! Are you investing in yourself? Or are you happy with mediocrity?

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