Book of the Month – What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey

by Don Smith

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For those of you who are participating in our personal growth and development book club, this month's book is What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey.”

Oprah has made history with her legendary talk show, the highest-rated show of its kind.  She created her own television network and has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with honorary doctorate degrees from Duke and Harvard.  Rising from poverty in rural Mississippi to become the first African-American billionaire in North America and one of the most influential women on the planet, Oprah's story is truly inspirational.  You can learn more about Oprah on Wikipedia and you'll learn much about her story by reading this book.

For 14 years she has written in her column “What I Know for Sure” life lessons that she has learned along the way.  For the first time, these life lessons have been revised, updated, organized, and collected in this book.

Get prepared to cover a lot of ground in What I Know for Sure as Oprah covers most aspects of the human condition with insights from her own experience.

If you've already read What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, check out another book from my top picks for personal development and read that this month.

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About the Author 

Don Smith

Happily married with five kids, Smith owns a technology company, has served on the board of directors for multiple companies, and loves playing soccer, hiking, and mentoring.

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