Book of the Month – ScreamFree Marriage: Growing Up, Calming Down, and Getting Closer by Hal Edward Runkel and Jenny Runkel

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For those of you who are participating in our book of the month challenge, this month's book is ScreamFree Marriage:  Growing Up, Calming Down, and Getting Closer by Hal Edward Runkel, LMFT and Jenny Runkel.

You may not have ever screamed at anyone in your life, and may not even be married, but I believe the tools found in this book will help you with any relationship, romantic or otherwise.  Out of the stacks of relationship books I've read over the years, this one stands out because of the very specific practical advice and stories covering most relationship scenarios you are likely to encounter.

A licensed therapist and world-renowned expert on helping families face conflict and create great relationships, Hal Runkel truly delivers with this book.  If you are looking to improve your relationships, start here!

If you've already read ScreamFree Marriage, check out another book from our top picks for personal development and read that this month.

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