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Getting back to healthy: Week 3 complete – potluck and cookie disasters

Weight Loss Journey Chart

Maybe I should rename this series 2 steps forward and 1 step back!  I think you can clearly see from the chart above that weekends are not my friend in this journey!

For those of you who are new to this series, 3 weeks ago I admitted that I had once again fallen out of the healthy weight zone, and started on a journey back to health.  I have been sharing that journey with my readers.  This article is a continuation of my Getting Back To Healthy series.

This week is the first week that I felt like I'm hitting that plateau.  I did lose weight again this week so I'll still call it a win, but only 0.2lbs.  I expected this, having previously made the journey from borderline obesity to a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy weight for nearly 5 years, I knew this wasn't going to be a straight line to my weight goal.

I was hoping to be able to share yet another several pound weight loss victory with you this week, but alas…I've got a confession to make.

Cookies…I love cookies!

Cookie Monster - Addicted to Cookies

Dang those Chocolate Chip and Oreo cookies!

I didn't even bring them into my house!  I found them at an event that was supposed to be healthy, a 5K charity walk for MS!  They turned up again at a potluck dinner for our Sunday night couples group…cleverly labeled as “Veggies”.

I didn't even bother to log those suckers, but they sure turned up on the scale!  Now one isn't bad, but a half dozen or more?  *SIGH*

I was excited going into the weekend, thinking this was the week I would announce that I had officially made it into the healthy weight range, which starts at 174.2 for my height and age according to the Ideal Weight Calculator.

I hit 174.8 on Friday, almost there!  Unfortunately, by Monday I had bounced back to 176.8.   

Dang those cookies!!!

It's pretty easy for me to control what I eat when I'm alone, but with friends and family around dangling endless wonderful food and mouthwatering cookies in front of me?  That's a big challenge.

My plan is to keep on moving forward following my 4 step plan which has served me well in the past.  Even with only another 0.2 lbs lost, I consider the week overall as a win.  At least I'm heading in the right direction.

Now I've got a question for you.  How have you overcome your weekend munchies, especially when around big family gatherings or with potluck dinners?

Update:  Week 4 Complete – 6lbs down – weekend struggles continue

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