Getting back to healthy: Week 2 Complete – 4lbs down

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This week I am continuing my “Getting Back to Healthy” series, where I am taking my readers along with me on my weight loss journey.  This is a journey I've made before, and I've lived the last 5 years in a healthy weight bracket after being borderline obese.

A few weeks ago though, I admitted that I've slipped back into the overweight category, and committed to getting back to healthy.  This is the end of week 2 of that journey, and I'm happy to say that I'm back to within 3lbs of the high end of the healthy weight range for me!  I've still got a ways to go to get back to the middle of the healthy weight range which is where I want to be, but heading in the right direction is good!

 I've ate nearly every dinner last week either on the road for work or with friends, so it has been a difficult one for me to be mindful of my eating habits.  Somehow I managed to make it through, dropping another 2lbs in the process.

I've been following the 4 step process I created after losing weight in the past which I outlined in the article “Losing Weight:  4 “Easy” Steps”, so I'll continue using that format to report on my progress.

1.  Admit there is a problem

I've admitted I've got a problem, very publicly.  Moving on.

2.  Show Up

I've been good about logging my diet throughout this week using myfitnesspal.com, but have gone over my calorie goal 4 of the last 7 days.  Tracking this has made me more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth though, so I still lost some weight, just not as much as I probably would have with a hard limit.

I've continued to play around on my Total Gym most nights.  I also took at least a half hour walk every night with the dog, and the wife and kids have started joining me from time to time.  Played tennis with my kids as well one evening which was fun, used to do that a lot, need to do that more.  Thinking of this as play and actually enjoying it helps me stay active while not making me dread workouts as I have in the past when forcing myself to go to the gym for hours on end.

3.  Power Up

Powering up is about reading up on healthy habits and diets, which I've done a lot in the past, and examining the data behind your own habits.

For me, I was actually down 4 lbs this week again heading into the weekend, and then went back up 2 lbs.  That seems to be a habit, it's tough for me to keep control of my eating habits when out with family on the weekends, with an endless supply of stuff to munch on at home.

My worst meal of the week came from the weekend of course, with a dinner celebrating my daughter's 15th birthday at a local pizza buffet.  That single meal was at least 1500 calories even though I was trying to be a little sparing with return trips, my entire allotment for the day.  Then we went and had cake and ice cream later…a lot of fun, but not a great day health wise.

I also didn't fair too well at a couple business meals on the road at local diners, hitting 1100-1200 calories each meal.  Fries and homemade chips contributed a lot to that, at 340 and 580 calories respectively I need to make some substitutions for those in the future even though I love the homemade chips.

I did make a lot of healthy choices though as well.  I chose to significantly reduce portion sizes on dinners when I knew I had ate a lot earlier in the day which helped a lot.  I also discovered a few combos that I enjoy that are light on calories.  One lunch combo that I came across that I like and will keep is Tuna in Water with Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, which is surprising filling with only 170 calories yet 32g of protein.

I tried to substitute more veggies for side items as green beans, corn, and broccoli can all be added at only 30-60 calories for each side compared to 340+ for fries.  I'll keep doing that.

Overall, I learned a few things from examining my myfitnesspal.com logs, so those have been worthwhile.  I also learned that I probably need to make a list of healthy meals so that I have those on hand to pick from, eating things like my lunch combo on a more regular basis could help tremendously when I'm in a rush.

4.  Step Up

Stepping up is about taking it to the next level and getting some accountability from friends.

My target right now for this goal is playing indoor soccer again this fall.  That's a bit intimidating at 39 years old, but hey, a guy's got to have goals and fun in life, right?

I still need your help with this journey.

How about helping hold me accountable?  I'll post an update each week for awhile, and email it to all my followers.  I've already had a lot of people add their names to the list, can I count on you to help?

If you want to help, or perhaps want to follow along on my journey to see if you can get some ideas for your own journey, sign up for my newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page and I'll give you an update.  

Make sure to share this article as well so that others can benefit!  

If you are already signed up, thanks so much for the support!

Nothing like knowing that thousands of people are watching to make me follow through!!!

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