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What A Walk in the Woods Can Teach All of Us

I recently had the pleasure of watching A Walk in the Woods, and I loved it. What I think I like most is that this guy, Bryson, had an idea one day, and just made it happen. Getting started is the difference between those who are successful and those who only dream.

What a Walk in the Woods Can Teach All of Us

In case you don't know the plot line, Bryson is a middle-aged guy who gets an idea one day to hike the Appalachian trail. His wife reluctantly agrees to let him, provided he can find a partner. Bryson calls almost everyone in his contact book but is unable to find anyone willing to undertake the journey with him.

Stephen Katz, a guy that Bryson doesn't even call because he is such a mess, gets wind of what he is doing, calls him, and volunteers to go. Both men are far from being in good physical condition, and neither has done much hiking, yet off they go hiking one of the most strenuous trails in the United States.

The reason I love this so much is that these guys who had no prior training and were out of shape managed to hike 800 MILES through extreme terrain! How many of us could say that we've done something like that? This just goes to show you how critical getting started is.

Maybe if these guys had prepared more by doing their research and getting into shape, they might have even finished the trail, but then again they might never have gotten around to hiking the trail at all. In the end, they congratulate each other on hiking the Appalachian trail, and I have to agree that they accomplished their goal even though they didn't technically reach the end. Sometimes you just have to put your ideas into motion and adjust from there.

My challenge to you is to get started down your trail today. Step up, and get moving. So what if you don't win the race, hit the final goal, or make the deadline? There will be two dates on your headstone, the start date, and the end date of your life. That little dash in between is the life you are living today. Learn to enjoy the journey, and take the first step. You'll never know where you might end up if you chase your dreams, but I can guarantee if you never take the first step, you will not catch them.


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