Is Stress Good for Us?

Scientists have found that trees grown in an artificial environment with little stress in their lives grow fast, but are extremely weak and prone to falling down.  Upon further investigation, it was found that trees only put out long roots and reinforce themselves under the normal stresses such as wind, rain, and the various growing seasons.  So could stress actually be good for us?

I think so.  This is much like our own lives.  Think for a moment about the people you respect in this world.  Are they worthy of your respect because they grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth or because they overcame adversity?  My guess is they are strong and you respect them because they overcame some serious crap in their lives!

Stop worrying so much about what happened in the past or what might happen.  Live, and realize that the rough spots make us stronger.  The saying that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger is very true, although maybe it should be whatever doesn’t break us makes us stronger.  Learn to stretch right to that magic growth spot where you have to work and might fail, there is no growth in the comfort zone.  Just don’t stretch too far too fast, while some wind is good for the tree, too much at once can break it if the tree is not prepared, and some wounds are slow to heal.

Don Smith

Don Smith, the founder of The Personal Growth Channel LLC., specializes in helping the next generation of leaders and small business owners create a well-rounded life which incorporates physical fitness, high-performance leadership, and a focus on the family.